An Israel Journey P-1

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This is a Journey.

A journey to Israel.


Along with my family and friends who were also along for the glorious adventure.

I say friends... but honestly, really 21 strangers and 5 people we are close to already.

However in the end I would consider these once strangers now life long friends of which we desire to keep in contact with. Hopefully, we will with the help of social media.

I will over the course of these posts, introduce some of these people to you ... but also keep their privacy as well.

Our family of 4 sought off to explore the land of Israel. The Holy Land.

We purchased our flights several months in advance... with great anticipation!

We found the cheapest fare flying out of Chicago, IL. The infamous O’Hare airport.

So we would set out our journey from Arkansas to IL ... a ten hour drive.

Not too many monumental things between here and there ... except maybe the St. Louis Arch.
We don’t particularly think this is very awe inspiring... I’m not much of a Missouri historian.
But all of the photos I will post are photos we took, and are original to me and my family.



We traveled with, caravan style, a super special family whom we feel privileged to call our friends, The Moutria Family of
(Shameless plug)


Once we got to Chicago, we stayed the night at a hotel near the airport .. so we could be shuttled over to the airport and leave our cars parked there at the hotel for the duration of our adventure. (For a fee, of course.)

Our flight was to leave shortly after noon, 12:15.
We just chilled by getting there several hours in advance... you are recommended to arrive 3 hours early for international flights.

This is Angela and myself ... we would go find some airport wine shortly after this photo. (Maybe).

So.. we get our luggage checked and board our plane at Chicago... which is headed for Munich, Germany. We flew Lufthansa airlines this leg of our trip and on to Tel Aviv as well.

Lufthansa was amazing... the staff were all super friendly, happy to be at work, and willing to be kind and courteous to each and every passenger. We totally recommend flying Lufthansa!!

More flight recommendations later... not so nice.

And we are off!!


Coming up..

Stay tuned for amazing photos from all the places we were able to go... commentary and hilarious happenings over land and sea....

Tell me... what airlines have you had great experiences with?

More more more to come....



Welcome back Jena! I was hoping you might share some of your trip! I'm guessing it went by really fast, but hopefully you were able to make some memories! Looking forward to part 2!

I’m super excited to share so much more! I’ll be doing blogs in between swim practices, grocery runs, house selling... among so many to-do lists! Iiiiiiiiii!!!!! LOL Thanks for stopping by!! ❤️

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I follow Torahfamily and heard they were taking this trip. It would be amazing to visit Israel one day. Looking forward to future posts!

We have tons and tons of photos to share... I just hope I can make it worth while to show and tell. ... I’m gonna try!