I admire Those who Shoot Horses

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With a Camera, of course

Photography can soothe the Eye and Settle the Spirit

(12th Frame Photography is my own)

I’ve just recently come across a brilliant photographer’s blog here on Steemit.

I know there are many, many photographers around and they all have their excellencies.

Here is my pic for the day!! It’s not mine so I’m only posting the link.

@axeman did a superb job of nailing this photo:


Comment with your favorite photo or Photographer!!

Banner Compliments of @papa-pepper

The STEEM Engine


horses are majestic as all get out.
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Your Niche is what you care about. Share what you care about. Do what you do. Be who you are. Share what you care about. Use appropriate tags to meet others in those communities. Appreciate those who appreciate you. Discipline and Patience help. The grass is never greener than the things you already do and like to do. Find your flow. Cheers anytime.

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Thanks!! I will check out your suggestions for sure!! I appreciate it a lot.

Hey, thanks. In fact as remember had only 3 shoots with a horses in my practice so far. But definitely more to come :)

Can’t wait to see them! Thanks for stopping by too!