FREE CC0 Stock Photos for Steemit Posts with Pixabay, Pexels, and Canva!

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How do many authors on Steemit get photos for blog posts? Pixabay, Pexels, and Canva are what I use for free stock photo images in posts on Steemit.

Would you read this post or watch the original video from YouTube to learn more because you will see the complete system I use from idea to finished post or video?

Thank you very much to @gmichelbkk for converting the transcription of the YouTube video from GoTranscript into this beautiful post for Steemit, which is much faster to read than the video and has all of the highlights in screenshots!

FREE CC0 stock photos

I have a few different websites I use, one of them is called Pixabay at

I searched for free high quality stock images on Google and I found it. They have over 930,000 free stock photos.

Now, these are the Creative Commons Zero license, which means I don't have to pay anything at all. I can just take any of these photos, download them, and use them on my account.

I signed up for an account because then I get to download the images in full quality.

I can hit this biggest size I want and download the file immediately.

Look, I've got a nice background now to do my video on.

This is a free stock photo, anyone can access this anywhere in the world. This is really helpful just to make it easier to have higher quality thumbnails.

I got a lot of feedback on my YouTube videos, "God, Jerry, your thumbnails stink."

One of the easiest ways is to just grab a free stock photo image and use that as the thumbnail, and then essentially put my face over it.

That way, if you see a bunch of my videos over time in the suggested video feed, my face is the one common factor.

I searched for "metal" first, but it didn't work for that, so I searched for something like "rock music." Then this came up.

I've used this image on my SoundCloud too.

This is what the YouTube video cover had and it's really simple to make a screenshot like that. I can just use the background in Camtasia, and I can screen capture my face on a green screen, and then this gives me the ability to have consistent thumbnails.

I've got my face right over here on the side of thumbnails, that way it's easy to tell that they’re my videos. My face gives them the personal branding, and then I’ve got these quality photos totally for free.

I did the same thing on a previous song over here.

I used the drum image that was over here.

It’s just a decent quality image you can get really quick for free.

Now, there's another website called Pexels at, which has different stock photos. They seem to have really nice, high quality photos on this site, whereas the Pixabay strategy seems to have more photos available, which I like.

Sometimes I just can't find what I'm looking for on Pexels, but they do a good job of having beautiful stock photos. I've gotten a lot of my backgrounds on Pexels, and this one is really nice.

You don't even have to sign up for an account to download on Pexels. You can just have a free download, just right click, select "Save image as" and save it.

Then you've got a beautiful high quality stock image.

I can then just essentially talk on this as a background, then it looks a lot nicer than if I had done some generic PowerPoint background, which you might appreciate.

Pexels has beautiful, high quality images and you can just search and see many of them on the home page. If you want generic, beautiful looking images, Pexels does a good job to provide that.

When you combine quality on Pexels and quantity on Pixabay, you can find any image you need.

Another thing you can also use is

Canva has 200,000 free photos and illustrations I can use also. Then, I can just pull those into my artwork.

Canva is nice because they also have a million images. If I really need deeper selection on Canva, I can get that. If I search for "massage" on Canva and I hit "enter," then it will pull up all these different images.

I've got all these photos I can pay a dollar for. There is a good selection and there are also some free photos.

Then, I can easily customize this. If I have this image over here as a stock photo that's free, then I can also upload things and mix that with my face.

I've got the ability to easily combine my existing pictures.

Then, all I have to do is download the design, and then I've got it. If you want to easily be able to design images along with using free images, is really helpful for that.

If you’d like additional ones, you can just google "free stock images" or "CC0."

This is how I originally found Pexels and Pixabay. There's also, which I have not used before, although I have visited the page.

CC0 means Creative Commons Zero, you can use it and you don't have to attribute it. You can just do whatever you want with it without any limitations.

I really like Pexels and Pixabay that I combine with Canva. This is how I quickly throw together thumbnails on SoundCloud, and increasing the quality of my thumbnails on YouTube.

Now, if you'd like to see everything I use in my business, would you please go to

I've tried to make this page a masterpiece in the sense of I am trying to have one of the best most comprehensive collections of equipment and software for an online business ever, which might make this a bit overwhelming. I start with my microphone, my sound processing pre amp, USB, audio interface, gaming monitor, webcam, battery backup and then I go into exact software. There are all kinds of things on this page that I hope are helpful for you.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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Jerry Banfield


This is a very informative post. Thank You @jerrybanfield for sharing such valuable information and resources. We Upvoted this post with 100% of our Steem Power and we will also Resteem it! Look forward to reading your future posts. Have a great weekend!

Dang u got some Boss upvote power! I'm glas to see that you also support what Jerry does. He is helping a lot of people.

Great post @jerrybanfield!

I hadn't heard of a few of these, so I'll have to check them out. I use Flickr's search engine to find creative commons 0 images (under the advanced search, if I recall), and I also use which can filter search results to show only CC0 sounds.

I use Makerbook pretty frequently. - "A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives."

It's a site that categorizes and links to many different stock sites. From photos to video to music.

I mostly use pixabay, but thanks for sharing Jerry.....I just thought you like to travel a lot.

Thanks for sharing!

This article is definitely useful.....

But rather then going into specific website...we can directly download or choose from Google that is also free of cost.

In Google case we get more options...

Visit my last post there i to download step by step...without copy right....

Because i am data poor these days I did not watch the youtube vid and just went on reading the transcription 😅. These are really great references @jerrybanfield. Will surely save a lot of is the hassle of citing image references on our posts. Thank you

Hey there! If you need free stock photos I highly reccommend you checking out :) All the pictures are in high resolution and they are all free for any use!

Oh, thanks @vicibnz. I have to make note of this. 😊

Thanks @jerrybanfield for the indepth post on your sources for high quality pictures. When thought I knew about Pexels and Pixabay before also. But that is just me, they're are a lot of Sreemians who do not have the reach to this type of info and your post is gonna help them. Also, with your heaft and reach on steemit platform takes the post to a really huge audience, which means not occur if I put up a most of similar nature. Peace

Nice video thanks

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Your the bomb 💣💥 thank you for the info ..

Great info Jerry!

@jerrybanfield do you recommend going a Guild or not? Is it easy enough to create your own and do you run one? Thanks dude!

@jerrybanfield always delivers. Our posts will definitely look better. This is the steemit way to the top !
Great post as always.

StockUp is a cool way to search for free Stock Photos. I wrote about it here:

very useful; thanks for sharing

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this great advice on using stock photos , really helpful for all steemit members.

Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for sharing this with the community. As a creative as well finding free stock images was always a challenge. Pixabay is my favorite and did you know they also do free stock videos and much more there? It is an amazing site. Also, I have never heard of pexels but will certainly try it out. Another favorite of mine that has free stock images is - this website has lots of beautiful stock images (like pexels) as well and they are constantly adding new photos! Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to use high quality images for their blogs/videos/ect. Thanks again!

Thanks @jerrybanfield for always sharing the great resources that you're using actively for creating such high quality content. -dt

Its amazing what we can do with free or nearly free software


Great info!

Thanks for free cco image tips Jerry

Informative stuff good keep it up :)

nice information upvote me @jodhpurindia

@jerrybanfield - Thank you for these tips on free images and image tools. I usually use my own wildlife and travel photos for my blogs but these can be useful sometimes. You always bring in very useful tips for Steemians. You are the reason I am on Steemit (because of your youtube videos) and I am sure you are going to be a great witness soon. Thanks.

Am into wildlife and travel photography and blogs with my musings about my photographs in general. I would be honored if you take a look at my blogs and provide your comments or resteem if you like them

Great job jerry. Much love and appreciation! you are blessed

Please tell me how you copy just your face and make it on the pictures, or even video, I want to record a video like that and make pictures like that but I didn't find the information about that and no one is answering me ( I mean transparent selection of the photo )

I use Canva for all of my YouTube thumbnails! Check em out here:

Have been using some of these like pexels and pixabay. Canva is new for me. Will check that for my next post.

Thanks for this nice article. It will really help the newbies and users who struggle to find pics with no license. :)

Beautiful findings. Thanks a lot

The first picture of the red barn is really pretty. It looks like an Iowa barn.

You have good Thumb nails. No complaints here

Wow, you are very creative.
I really like it, the tutorial is complete and easy to understand, thanks friends have shared knowledge, very useful ..

I like the photo. These are amazing...!

Excellent contribution @jerrybanfield for not having problems with copyright thanks a lot for the information a hug.

jerrybanfield your youtube channel is awesome. i am watching your videos now a days because you explain problems and ans that problems very effectively..kept i up and don't give up.

Thank you @jerrybanfield been using Canva for my posts, will definetely use the Pexels and Pixabay

I can't imagine, how much sleep you are getting these days. You've been doing a lot of stuff and still manage to go over to google to search for these pics. You are "superman". If you need some help, even on some little stuff on your YouTube, I might be able to do that.

lot of ways to do this... but amazing you Smug face ;-)

Hats off your advise and thank u👍🏻

thanks for sharing keep it excellent friend... I give you my vote :)

Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield .. you are really helping us always ..
Upvote and follow me all please .. new here, so help me to grow up :)

You are so great @jerrybanfield
I will upvote 20 of your post and resteem your post
You are my role model

Great post Jerry! There is also labeled for reuse photos on Google (you can get to these hitting tools and then useage rights on Google images) and for royality free photo.


Thanks @jerrybanfield 8 am new here so just started following you - appreciate all your awesome content. so useful to us new arrivals.

Thanks for the helpful detailed information. You rock. One love. Upvoted.

Good post, upvote!
Thank you @jerrybanfield.

Like you previous work on steemit, this is also very remarkable... good going dude...

Thanks for these stock image resources. Since I am a cartoonist, I usually just draw whatever images I need. But if I ever am not in the mood to do so, this is a great backup plan.

@jerrybanfield thanks for the the tips bro didnt know u could make thumbnails just like that

Amazing info! I used canva and pixabay, i'm going to try pexels as well. Thanks

Thank`s @jerrybanfield for Nice & Helpful Post

Pleas Followback 😀😀😀

Nice post. You can also google search and filter by free to use.. I use all these sites except canvas, I will be checking that out. One problem I have seen on steemit is. The best images for certain tags get reused in lots of peoples posts. I created the postartchallenge to add art to steemit people can use. Currently the challenge is to make page dividers steemit users can use freely.. We also had a mascot challenge.. I would like to broaden this challenge into photography, and say offer SBD's to the person who can take a picture that represents certain steemit tags.. the music tag photo challenge, or the art tag photo challenge.. ETC. Currently running just the art challenge has kept me busy and spending a good portion of my earned SBD's though. So it will have to wait until I am more established here, but it will be nice to have our own free to use images one day!! Keep up the good work Jerry, you are appreciated!

This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

amigos ayudenme a promocionar mi blog y a ganar algo de dinero

Thanks @jerrybanfield, this is packed with lots of useful information. I have to resteem for reference.

Great job @jerry for google finding it

plise follow back

This surely would help stop plagiarism .. Also people forget sometimes that many cc0 images require an attribution sometimes if the author has asked for it .. and they don't mention it ... Nice work Jerry sch an extensive explanation.. You Rock !

great information here!

I love Pixabay. @jerrybanfield Thanks for detailed article.

Thanks for the info whale :)

Yes...yes...Download this photos down... And then you surely put them there #photography #photo #photos #images #image So that the photographers who are here would be left without anything. GOOD POST.. I NOT LIKE IT :( Someone just downloads a picture for free, and then puts it up like your own image, I have already seen a lot of it.

thanks for the great advice @jerrybanfield, keep it up, looking forward to hear more from you

Thanks for this IMPORTANT information Mr Jerry. I got slated the other day for posting google images.. I thought it was really ok to be honest.. but i guess im too much of an Anarchist!

Thanks for the "tip", Jerry=))

thanks for the suggestions jerry you help the community so much thank you

Thanks @jerrybanfield, Great post for us noobs up-voted and followed.

Thank you for sharing

i use pexels all the time there great.

This is really a good collection of photos you have recommended here. Pixabay is great. I am also using it for downloading pictures so that I can use it on my website. Love your work by the way @jerrybanfield

This is a very amazing I am very interesting to see that you post here you always make things new I really want to be as you please me to you if you would like to share my post I will be very happy May you Always be successful and get what you want.I am now always following what you post Hopefully there can always be a more interesting post.Thank you

Is there a way to save useful posts such as this on on steemit ?

A well assembled post on stock photos! Pixabay is the largest free resource. I hadn't heard of canvas before. As others have said you can do a Google search and refine your results to include royalty free images.

I have done a small study on the lack of diversity in stock photography. I'd love to get others feedback and opinion on this issue:

WOW. Last night i was just thinking, should i use just any picture from google images or is there some kind of restrictions. This answered that for me, you supplied us with quality sites for free images. Thanks @jerrybanfield - Also checked out your soundcloud :) oh and HEY , You showed us where to get pictures, can you tell us what program you are using to edit your vlogs and possibly which camera you are using also. Thank you

Something different, will try for sure
Nice post tho
Well explained
Do check my profile if possible:)

Thank you for sharing this! I have to go through so much trouble every post just to upload pics haha, thanks a lot!!

Very helpful article. Thanks for sharing. I also found to be useful for adding text to any image. You can use this to add a meme to an image to amplify your article.

God, Jerry, your thumbnails stink.


thank you for the info, I'm sure it will help all newbies including myself.

thanks.really useful tip

Friend tremendous recommendation, this information is very timely, many times we need images for our publications and most of them are protected by copyright and represent an obstacle and dilemma to use them, but these pages that you have discovered represent a very good alternative, I leave you an upvote in Support, it is clear that you have spent considerable time in this necessary and effective publication.

Thank you so much for the updates ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Upvoted !

Pixabay - the best

thanks for this wonderful post

Helpful stuff. I've been using pixabay. I'll be sure to check out the other sites you recommended. Upvoted and resteemed.

I believe you should take up photography, Jerry. I've read so many of your posts and watched so many of your videos that its become obvious that you must spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting in front of a computer. Even so I've upvoted this post and will be checking out some of the sites you mentioned...

I use


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