Altered States: Honeybee Collecting Pollen; Original Photography and Illustration

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Good day everyone, I have more original photography and illustrations

I enjoy sharing and soon will be opening an etsy store to order custom prints...I will also accept BTC or your favorite crypto for payments

If you want to order prints, drop me a line!!

Original photo taken with a Nikon Z-7
I love taking pictures of bees collecting pollen


F-StopExposure TimeISOFocal LengthFlash

Lightroom Edit

I put the photo through one of my custom Lightroom presets.

Honeybee on Coneflower.jpg

I crop it a bit closer to put the bee in the upper left frame...Gives it a nice feel of that bee having a purpose...a destination

Finalized Altered State Image

Honeybee on Coneflower-2.jpg

I hope you all enjoy my photos, art, Illustrations, and manipulations
I will see you all soon, with big hugs from me...


All photos and illustrations made by me...JGV