Altered States: Orchid in Bloom

in #photography2 months ago

What's the good word people?

I missed the Orchid Show at MOBOT this year, but I have plenty of photos from years past.

Green Orchid Finalized.jpg

If you want to order custom prints, drop me a line in the comments...I accept BTC or your favorite token for payments

Who wants to help me get some NFTs going?

Give me suggestions in the comments below!

Original photo taken with a Nikon Z-7

Green Orchid Original.jpg

F-StopExposure TimeISOFocal LengthFlash

Lightroom Edit

I put the photo through one of my custom Lightroom presets.

Green Orchid Lightroom.jpg

Finalized Altered State Image

Green Orchid Finalized.jpg

I hope you all enjoy my photos, art, Illustrations, and manipulations
I will see you all soon, with big hugs from me...


All photos and illustrations made by me...JGV

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