The Second Post - Beautiful Sunset in Aceh

in #photography3 years ago

Hello steemit lover,


As I have discussed in the first post that is posting, I am one of the sunset lovers and I will share a special moment if I find something memorable for me.

This time I found a sunset that dazzled my eyes on a beach in Aceh, precisely Rancong beach in the city of Lhokseumawe. This Sunset exudes a very beautiful color, a blend of sky color adds to the impression of my twilight lil-color again.

For friends of photography lovers especially photography about sunset, I really hope to give input to me in order to capture perfect sunset.

Here I share some sunset photos that I have captured, the criticism and suggestions I expect from you all on the photo.




North Aceh, juny 02, 2018
Best Regards



Beautiful sunset.

A very beautiful sunset
Thanks for sharing

Mantap, gambar foto awannya. Good picture

Amazing sunset, good job my brother

Beautiful sunset and great inviting soft sand.

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