Life Without Steemit!

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That little steemit spinning wheel of doom that indicates you have fallen into some kind of an abyss does have its perks.

For one, after a couple of months of living nothing but Steemit, I have instead been able to check out what's happening in ye olde real world.

Stuff like Autumn:


fine line.png

And little bits of street art that would otherwise have gone unnoticed:


fine line.png


fine line.png

And then there's always the cool buildings and architecture of Sheffield to go and gawp at:


fine line.png

Even just wandering down Abbeydale road brings its quirks and delights:


fine line.png

As well as the people and animals:


fine line.png

And of course there's my ongoing project of photographing the family when they're not looking:


fine line.png

Yup, it seems the real world has plenty to offer!

I shall have to check it out more often. 😉

All photos by @johleen on iphone 6

Fine gothic divider.png


Fine gothic divider.png


A great knowledge @johleen. Life without steemit same like a body without head.

Very good point. I sometimes feel like im so worried about getting rich on steemit that I let the richer real world pass me by.

What happened there? You left me hanging at the end of your sentence there...!

Ahhhh yes I see. The richer world indeed.... It's definitely important to keep things in perspective, turn off and experience real life sometimes!

Thanks for sharing doll! 🤗

And thanks for commenting!! :)

Let you know I'm here :) Great pix btw. Always nice to 'stop and smell the roses', to use a battered cliche'.

Right!? I had completely forgotten that there was such a thing as the real world, if it weren't for that slow slow issues the past days. Would you believe that I had experienced sunshine for the first time in what felt like ages??

Ahaha "oh don't mind me, just a Doric column lifting this whole building here" haha! I'm still amazed that it's just some casual thing to see there. The variety of architecture all over the world is just fantastic!

I really love the shot of the dog. It feels as if he's in on the joke nobody's playing on the three people haha! Oh Autumn... you're my favorite season that I have yet to experience. Believe you me, I will experience you!

Hahaha I know, it took a couple of days for my eyes to adjust to seeing further than my computer screen ahead of me!!

Oh it was such a gorgeous dog - an old fellow just enjoying his time in the sunshine! Huge thing too.

Autumn has always been my favourite season You absolutely MUST experience it soon!

The only seasons I ever experience in hot and rainy haha! Hoping to add to that list some time soon :D

Aww I'll swap you some autumn for some hot!

Deal! Let's use the STEEM blockchain to broker the deal so that we won't incur transaction fees and that it would finish in a few seconds.

Haha perfect!!

I'm lovin' that scooter art. You probally see lots of them over there though.

Oh yeah, there's a little scooter cafe just round the corner from here actually. Like, people who own scooters just hang there and, I guess, talk about their scooters!!

you deserve full marks and lots of $$$ for this post :)

Why thank you. :)

quality content and effort put in it :)

btw, would appreciate if you could follow me as well .. thanks in advance

Welcome back to Steemit - the real world 🌎 hehe jk . I definitely understand what you mean. A break is necessary sometimes for sure !

Haha thanks! Yeah, what with all Steemit's issues recently I ended up losing a post and a bunch of comments so went off to do other stuff instead. :)

Well you made the right decision. Hopefully things will work smoother from now on

I hope so!

Good to see ya back @johleen :) I've also been making more forays into the old, boring, three dimensional hologram we often call reality. Spinning wheels just make me dizzy :/

Haha! Hey there @steemmeupscotty!

Yup, down with spinning wheels... although they do seem to have gone for the moment. Let's hope it stays that way!

Fingers crossed heh? So far so good this morning

Nice photos. You have a good eye! :) Keep on steeming!

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Really amazing pictures dear and I love street art, that one was cool 😉 but my favorite one is the first one of the trees. Such a beautiful shot.
Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your great event.. Black and whit photo. I heard you start this event by @eroche article. Great!!

Absolutely Agree.. Steemit is my life ..too