The Weird, Wise and Wonderful - People of Sheffield Part 1

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

I love to take photos of people.

Specifically candid photos of people just going about their business on the day to day.

I use my iPhone for this and try to be as inconspicuous as possible so as not to disturb or otherwise change whatever's happening in the moment.

Most of the time, the people I photograph aren't aware that I've taken a snap. Even if the end result photo looks like they are looking straight at me.

(I've been perfecting my sneaky snappery).

One of the things I really love about Sheffield is the huge variety of people living here.

The range of culture and ethnic diversity is incredible. Especially compared to where I grew up in Worthing, where everyone was pretty much white, middle class and retired.

I guess one of the things that attracts me to candid street photography is this feeling of really being present and aware for this one random moment of someone's life.

A feeling of noticing them when no one else is.

Of truly seeing them, and recording who they are in their environment for just one second.

Because of this, the photos I take of people are all special to me, whether or not they tick the boxes of being 'good photos' or not. :)

So, this is the start of a series called The People of Sheffield where over time, I'll share some of these snaps with you, fellow Steemit lovers....

Here we go:

redstripes sheff people.png


redstripes sheff people.png


redstripes sheff people.png


redstripes sheff people.png


redstripes sheff people.png


redstripes sheff people.png

Thanks for stopping by!
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Great candid street shots, thats an area I dont do much of but must try and get into it I need to get out of my comfort zone :)

Thanks. :)

Always good to push out of your comfort zone! For me that would be macro or landscape in particular. I seem to take incredibly boring landscape photos haha!

That’s whats cool about people I am the opposite I do a lot of landscapes but hardly any street shots, but I will work on that sometime LOL

...and I shall, one day, get around to working on my landscape haha! I'll have to come to you for some tips and advice. :)

Yes and me to you for advise on street shots :)

I can't believe it you have found my Dad and I have been looking for him for the past 20 years, and outside pickles, the place he said he was going all them years ago and he has not aged at all. hehe
only joking.
I am glad you didn't take a picture of me while I was walking around Sheffield, I get told I look gormy hehe, I think you should start a contest off to see who can get the strangest person on camera like in your shoots, just for fun though I'd like to take pictures and enter, I would also see if I can get a picture of the guy in the nappy for my first pic, that would be cool hehe

Haha so funny!

I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for you when I'm out photographing then... see if I can capture evidence of this gormy look!

Oh my god, I'd love to see a pic of that guy in a nappy. Erm... I think, anyway haha. I've got the feeling that he might not be so pleased to be on social media wearing a nappy though haha!

These are great! I love my TLR for sneaky photography. Because it has a waist height viewfinder, you don't have to hold it up to your face and so many people just don't pay attention to what is going on in your hands.

You know, I'd never even heard of TLR - I just had to look it up! But man, it does sound like the PERFECT camera for sneaky snaps. :)

They are amazing cameras!

that's the sneaky WOLF SPYDA ! A very good set, and I particularly love the wizened old man. all really interesting want to know more images. I can't wait to see what happens when people realise you have a camera in your hand. Snippets of Stories.. thanks for posting in STREET PHOTO ! @johleen

Aw awesome! The want to know more thang is always a goal.

Loving street photo - I see it's getting more popular with more people joining!

Wolf Spyda (hee hee!)

yeah, I'm really pleased people are joining up to street photo (one at a time.) It's a great message board and excellent way to catch up on photo posts which you will inevitably miss on steemit directly. I think that's it's strongest point and I was hoping that's what photo people would do.. join, post and find each others links, then visit and upvote !

we're running a promotion next week and will fill you in on it !!!

Ooh fantastic, looking forward to hearing about it!

These are great especially the black and white second one. I am intrigued though. The last one, did you have to kneel on the ground too get that shot?

Glad you like!

Ahh now then, sneakery is of the utmost importance remember!

This photo is actually just outside where I work, so people hang there to have fags quite a lot.

I sat down on the ledge that the young lady is standing on, in the guise of, well, sitting.... and I looked at my phone as people do until my prey, errr.. I mean the woman... had become accustomed to my presence. Then I sneakily turned my phone up to face her and took a quick shot.

Most of time it's a case of point and shoot and hope you get a good pic. :)

Ah you were sitting down when you latched on to your victim. I mean subect!

Its a great pic. I love taking pics of randoms too. I used to make a mock of them on the ole facebook but that was no good once everybody and their dog started adding me sigh

Ah well, into every life some rain must fall, so they say!

I like the one with the old man haha! Great composition with that! But, the others are great as well. I'm a huge fan of street photography, as you may have already noticed.

I always meant to ask, but I keep forgetting. I only remembered because you discussed your method in this post. Is it really alright to post pictures of people without their consent? I don't know how the others do it, but I've always wondered. This came to my mind when I saw a post about a woman from The Netherlands who took selfies with people who catcall her.

Anyway, yeah, I remember there being model release forms to allow people post pictures of you. I don't know if it applies though. I mean, what if that person said he was sick at home and then it was found out that they were out and about haha! I hope this doesn't take away from this wonderful gallery. I enjoy looking at all your street photography :D

Ah yes I saw that post! Interesting way to deal with it.... it does seem like she really had trouble with the cat calling though.

Yes, so I have looked into this quite a lot.

Here in the UK it is perfectly legal to take pictures of people and post them as long as the pictures are taken in a public place and you are not selling them.

Otherwise people just would not be able to take pictures at all! There are often people in the background even if you are taking a touristy photo of a building, or a pic of a loved one.

The model releases are required if you intend to sell your work.

It mostly comes down to personal morals and ethics when it comes to taking pictures of people and posting them.

For me, this means I don't post:

  • recognisable pictures of children
  • pictures of people who are suffering
  • pictures that are demeaning or humiliating

Basically I try to celebrate people! And of course, if someone is unhappy that I took their picture, I will delete it. :)

I'm glad you like the pictures! I've got plenty more where they came from!

not like Dougie eh.. no release form, no deletes.. just snap and pap

Ha! Yep, he's completely ruthless!!

AHAHA! I just knew you did the due diligence for this! I think that "selling for profit" caveat is the key thing. As long as you're not profiting from others then it's all good. I'm glad this series wasn't hampered by technicalities :D

It's funny how you enumerated your ethics regarding what photos you take. My university is ran by Brothers (specifically the La Sallian Brothers, not actual blood-related brothers), and there's this one brother who's hobby is photography. The three points you enumerated are the exact same things he said when he takes photographs haha!

Haha! That's funny, I'll have to look them up!

I guess really, those 3 ethical rules are pretty much common sense if you're a decent person. :)

That one particular brother eventually became the chancellor of our university haha! I'm glad I got to talk to him before he got the promotion.

Not everyone follows those ethical rules, but yeah... not everyone is decent, I guess haha!

Great snaps you sneaky you! Excited to follow this series.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to posting more! :)

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