The Secret Window

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This photo is called the Secret Window because to me the window seems to be stuck in time.

Neither here nor there.

Half looking towards the future and half looking towards the past.

Half inside and half outside.

A window where you can watch without being seen.


The use of reflection in this photo creates a image of something that is not really there.

It tricks your eyes.

And you are drawn to it simply because we are all drawn to windows.

It's a habit - windows are for looking through.

But when a window doesn't really exist, in an image that is not really there.

What then, are you actually looking at?

Original photograph by @johleen on iphone 6

Fine gothic divider.png


Fine gothic divider.png


SUPER cool. I love your writeup on this. Just goes to show how ordinary things hold value. Resteemed

Thanks very much!

Surreal, a window through time, nice capture.

Cheers. :)

The black and white really adds to it.
I also like the commentary to go along with it.

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Thanks very much. :)

I don't look through windows, they look through me


You just made my brain go quivery.

I'll get you a jacket.... :)

This is really mysterious. Thank you for this great post

Glad you like .:)

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Great photo! Found you at the photo contest!! Keep it up! If you have some free time I would really appreciate it if you would check out my photos! :-)

Thanks! Sorry for delay in replying. :)

I shall hop over to your blog to check out your work!

Now this is an interesting perspective and image! Well done!

Ahh I see what you mean with the blur on the left side! Great trick! The title made me think of Stephen King's story, but after a while of looking at this (and through this), I really do think it evokes that same eerie feeling! Good job, my friend!

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