Halloween When I Was Young

in #photography3 years ago

I found this on my Facebook.

This photo is sooo old.

I was like 9 years old.

And my brother was 7ish.

He is so small compared to know.

(hmmm fat?!?!)

Picture sources: my Facebook site

My brother dressed up like some kind of ninja.

And I was supposed to be a guy from mafia.

I saw it in a movie, and wanted to be one.

And the funniest thing is that we have the same shoes.

I actually wore my fathers jacket.

Look how long it is, lol.

And my granddad's hat.

These are really great memories.

It's always great to remember something like this.


ahahahahaa oh this is so cool 😊😊 enjoy your weekend, GREETINGS!

It definitely is cool :)

Enjoy the weekend aswell.

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