Rain On My Window

in #photography3 years ago

I woke up a little bit later today.

Around noon.

And the sun was shinning.

It was so damn hot.

And then, the surprise.

The sky came down all of sudden.

Picture sources: johnz14

The sun was still shinning, but the rain was falling.

I had already seen that like two or three times in my life.

It was a scenery.

I didn't catch it.

But, I pictured how it looks from my balcony.

Picture sources: johnz14

Too bad I don't have a better camera.

It looked so much better than it is on this photo.

I was actually thinking of buying Huawei phone.

They have dope cameras from what I had seen.

I remember trying it in a mall.

There was a shop with phones where you can try every phone.

And I was amazed by how great camera is.

And it looked great.

But, I can't remember what was it called.

I only remember that it was printed Leica on the back.

Source: flickr

Something like this.

But, I don't know the exact model.

And the price was okay.

Not like overrated iPhones.

Does anybody know which model was that?


Looking gorgeous

Thank you.

I've been grooming it for some time, but I'm thinking of cutting it.

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i love the rain so much !! it's raining here today, too!

Nature always surprises us with something or the other, this is why the sky came down all of sudden and it rained.

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That's a very cool place to live man!

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