When You're Going On A Gig And You Have Only One Car

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This was a funny story.

We were going to a gig outside our town.

We're from Zagreb, and the gig was just outside Zagreb.

The trip was supposed to take like 30-40 minutes.

That wouldn't have been the problem if we didn't have only one car on our disposal.

By the way, there's five of us in the band.

But, we needed to take our instruments with us.

So, we had to make some adjustments so we can all fit.

Picture sources: my Facebook site

We put my bass in the middle.

The front guys didn't have any problems.

But, we were cramped like sardines in a can behind.

Nonetheless, it was really nice experience.

And we had lots of fun.

We enjoy when we're going with one car.

We can hang more than when we split into two cars.


Lets hear some tunes boyz

I'm thinking of putting something on dtube, but I don't know how it will be accepted, because we play mostly regional music.

The compactness of the car (not to say the inconveniences) would allow for chit-chats that'd further build upon the strength of the team. This will keep team-spirit ablaze.

We still hang-out a lot, but longer trips, when we're all together, are the best.

It's good to see such optimism and happiness in this post. Enjoying that kind of time with your band mates is definitely good for all of you. i had friends that where in bands, and the ones that actually stayed together (and performed better) were just like you gents! Have good one man!

We're together for like 6 years already.

But, now jobs/college are getting in our to way to practice/hangout more.

yeah that can happen man :-( growing up can suck, but dont lose heart. things have a way of working themselves out :)

That looks like a fun band! Why don't you people upload your gig on DTube?

Because we mostly perform songs from our region.

We only play few international songs (like Brazilian, Mexican, etc.).

I guess music is not bounded by language and as a music lover I'd love to hear good music. The language doesn't really matters to me :)

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I know Proverb says the little house can accommodate a thousand friends .. Also the car can apply to this

I can agree with you on that.

I remember when I slept with my friends in his "party" house and it was great, even though we were all sleeping in one room.

It is very nice 😀

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Good friends group

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Thank you for the comment.

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It definitely was an amazing trip.

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