Its in Sonoma County, California by Bodega. Where is Dover?

England:-) I just guessed since you have listed Chelsea fc on your profile:-)

Ahhhh yess good ole Blues. What a season! :-) I think they've just been my favorite this year so that why they're first on the list haha!

P.s. If Dover looks anything like this I must visit

Do a google image search. I have never been there, but I know the cliffs go straight into the sea.

You weren't kidding. Looks very similar. Funny the Theresa May structure that popped up haha

nice shot of the coastline.

What is it about the rocky coastline.?I can't get enough of these pictures. Would love to drive up the coast again. It's been too many years.

Appreciate all the love @rangertx ! Come to California soon. We love our texans here!

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