Flower Bloom in my Garden

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Flower name-Hydrangea

It has very beautiful flowers and would recommend it to any flower plant lover since the beautiful flowers stay on for a very long time.

It blooms primarily in the Summer season.

Growing conditions-

Pot- The pot should be preferably 8-12 inches in diameter as per the size of the plant.

Soil-Should be well-draining to prevent rotting of roots. Soil should consist of a mixture of sand, garden soil, coco-peat and compost.

Water-These plants love water. In Summer, water once per day and the next watering should be done whenever the top 1-2 inches layer of soil seem dry. Make sure the soil remains moist and not water clogged. Lack/More of water will make the plant leaves to wilt and may start to yellow and fall off as well.

Sunlight- Keep the plant in partial shade during Summer so that it receives only the morning sun but never receives the 12 noon sun.

Fertilizer-A mixture of bone-meal, potash, super phosphate, sea weed, etc. before the Blooming season starts should be applied per month as per the size of the plant for production of continuous flowers.

Use of fungicide and neem spray per month as per the size of the plant is desirable to keep the plant healthy and to prevent from fungal attack and insect attack respectively.


                      Flower Bloom on 09/06/2020



           Same Flower Bloom one week latter on 16/06/2020

photo_2020-06-16_14-55-36 (2).jpg



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