Original Photography - B&W Shopping mall

in #photography3 years ago


SM marikina is one of the biggest mall in marikina. this photo showing main entrance of the mall. i am from the 3rd floor.


I like this area. my son so happy when we are here.


My son also like to ride but he is too much young. maybe next time. black and white photography gives more meaning to the objects or photos itself.

Medium : Asus Zenphone max plus.
Location : Marikina city, Philippines.
Original Photos of @jraysteem.

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Yes, for sure after watching those kid bicycles your Son would be so excited because everyone felt like that means, in childhood i was really passionate towards the cycling and we were taking bicycle in rent for two hours and we were riding it like Crazy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Very nice bnw photography..
matry nga din mag post minsan.. hehehe

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