One of my favorite secret spots for hiking on the planet

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A couple weeks ago I took a hike to one of my favorite places ever. I'm not going to list it's exact location - otherwise it wouldn't be secret. As soon as lots of people know about these places they just become less magical, and often over populated. What I can say is that it's about a mile in on a national forest trail somewhere in Western North Carolina.


Below the small falls is a pool below which is 8-10 feet at it's deepest, and about half the size of an olympic swimming pool. It's the best natural swimming spot I've come across, honestly. The water is crystal clear due to being close to the head waters of the area, you can see all the way to the bottom. The water is COOOOOLLLD though, year round. Be prepared - it's brisk.



You can actually slide down the rock into the pool below, it's a natural water slide. Not many people know this is easily accomplishable and isn't one of the 'popular' locations to do this in the area (yes, there are a few actually). It's of course somewhat dangerous, though - you need to stay to the left to avoid hitting some more shallow rocks on the right. I've done it dozens of times though, it's worth the risk.


The rocks at the top of the falls are flat and make an excellent place to just hang out for the day with an awesome view.


Thanks for reading. Steem On!



That looks real nice, Justin. I loved hiking around Southeast Asia where like you said, no one else knows about and you've got the nature to yourself :-)

Indeed! I can't wait to hike around Southeast Asia, It's definitely on the list of places I will go one day.

at thats a cool spot. Sometimes i am looking also for spots like that. Where no1 can disturb me and i can chill out... I got already 2 places, but they are not as beautiful as your spot :)

Thanks! Yeah, quiet secret spots are the best.

I was about to say...wait a minute that spot looks familiar..then I realized it was your post!

Gorgeous photos our your incredible secret magical oasis. Thank you for sharing and posting.

Thanks for looking at them!

Thanks for sharing/not sharing Justin. So many of these secret spots in our area. Gotta keep the tourists out and keep it pristine. Maybe I can bend @crystalandbones arm to take me there someday.

It's in the mountains...

Hi @justinw
I saw your help, I would like to thank you very much.

Thanks for sharing this very cool "secret spot." I love places like this.

I'm a veteran of swimming in frigid rivers, both in the north west (Washington State) and in New Hampshire. Water slides are some of my favorite kind of fun.

Great photos and story!



It really looks like a super sweet spot, keep it a secret!

Wonderful , It seems a silent place where one can talk to himself and Listen to his inner soul , Its a source of self motivation and you also get to know more about yourself. I also love to be at such place , But these are far away from my city so i usually make a trip to such places on weekends. your post reminded me of my Recent journey .. So nice of you ....

Wow nice share :)
Following and upvote!
If you have a time, come to my steemit!

Looks like a nice spot, no wonder you dont give the secret away! I just joined and i post about travel if you would like to follow me :)

good luck

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