Photography of fresh and fertile grasses

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Good night, my dear friend, how are you guys tonight, are you all okay?
Tonight I want to share a short post from me for all of you, hopefully you can like it and can enjoy it


A few days ago I saw beautiful grass and also very long and very fresh, this grass also has beautiful and long flowers, almost like a squirrel's tail, and also this flower becomes its fruit, which is almost small same as the flower
This grass is also very rare, and rarely do I see it, only this new one I saw, and this I also found in wet soil, and often soaked the water, maybe because the grass roots are cold and wet, so she is fertile and also flowers it's very fresh, like this
Maybe this is all I can tell in my post this time, hopefully, it can entertain all of you, and below I suggest that you who want to use #esteem apps @good-karma
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