White Tailed Deer in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

in #photography4 years ago

 @rebeccaryan and I were out for a drive in eastern Ontario yesterday and came across a pair of white tailed deer!


Wow amazing photos

Great photo shoots!!!


great pics! thanks again for all the advice.

Nice pics !!! lovely animals :) you are very lucky to spot them ! will follow, STEEM ON!!!

Thanks for the follow. I will follow you as well!

Thanks appreciate it !!

great shots..simple and quite intimate

The lighting from the sun was perfect. It was just after 5 pm in the evening if I recall. :)

Great photo

I love your whitetail deer photos.
These wild animals are so fascinating to watch. They have been hunted by man forever. Even the Robin Hood story tells of feasting on the King's deer.
The whitetail deer population is expanding now. When I grew up in Southern Ohio, it was rare to see one. Now, they are as common as cattle. Only more interesting.
Thank you for posting.


Spectacular pictures ! You were very lucky to see that. Upvoted and followed. You can follow me back at @mrrobert96 if you wish. Good day !

Thanks @Mrrobert96! I will follow you as well.

Hi there ✌🏻Let's be friends:3 I'm Vikky and I'm a new steemer! I'm not flooding/spaming, I'm just sharing funny stories with pictures about my golden retriever puppy Mr. Oliver 🐶🐶🐶 Follow me back and vote for my posts if you're interested in them! Thanks a lot ❤️

Nicely Captured !
Great pics 👍

Wow, how wonderful that they are looking right at you, a real wild treat! And what amazing photos @knarly327! We have red deer here in Donegal, Ireland, and seeing them is something else. Magnificent creatures :-)

Check your blog periodically, nothing since this one, but I see today you upvoted a lot of my recent posts - thanks so much! Say 'Hi' to your friend!

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Very nice pictures