Good afternoon, Steemit! I’m slumping back in my chair at @caffetto, contently full from an amazing lunch with @lovejoy, @vermillionfox and @guthrie at Gorkha Palace in NE Minneapolis. I think we all needed that, and the company. @lovejoy, despite whatever is going on in his life, has always been a calming presence for me. He’s a great guy to talk blockchain with, but our conversations about life resonate with me. He’s quite the muse for intellectual processing and creativity.

The next few hours, I’ll be working on comic and writing. This evening, I’ll be meeting up with @ghostfish chipping away at @coppercoins and our Nineteenth Century New England horror novella. It’s always an escape from the mundane to get together with @ghostfish. These two projects are on mind mind 85% of the day. I may be editing, or shooting, but it’s a constant sprint to make it to the fleeting few hours of my day to write or draw. It’s slow going, but I love seeing these stories take shape. Check out our Foundation page.

I have new photography! As I’ve mentioned, I’m on this relentless mission to catch up on owed work and make things right with clients that’ve been waiting for edits. None longer, than my darling friend, Miss Violet Vixen. I feel awful that some of these images are two years old, but she’s always been the most understanding of my unforgiving workload. The expression, “…the squeaky wheels gets the grease.”, she’s the least squeaky. I set time aside these last couple of days exclusively for her.

“Changeling” seems like an appropriate title for this post, because all the edits of Miss Violet Vixen are from different shoots. The first was from Bonnie Springs, NV shot at Viva Las Vegas two years ago. The second images are from a series we shot in New York City. She always has the most breathtaking outfits, many of which are beyond just rare finds. In addition to her beauty and incredibly body, her passion for historic vintage style is what makes her one of my favorite models.

Finishing these images has been a watershed moment in my backlog of work. I hate owing people images, and I especially hate it when it’s close friends that’ve waited as long as Miss Violet Vixen. I’m forever grateful for her understanding and friendship. I’ll have another set of her photos to come. For now, I’m going to change gears to comic illustration. For more photography, art and the stories behind the work, you can follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


hey. why dont u come to my discord so we can chat?

You're definitely right, miss violet here the shoots should be named changeling expecially the one that was taken on white rocks, my goodness that's my favourite shoot you know I guess she won't mind the delay, your workload has been particularly intense. Amazing work really I'm always thrilled.

She's been amazing, @josediccus! So patient and such a great friend. Thank you for the comment!

Definitely buddy keep up with the beautiful pieces of art

This model has remarkable eyes. If looks could kill ha!!🔥

Totally agree, @calmacs! She's stunning, and it's been wonderful to dig back through these shoots, being reminded of our work together.

What's unusual appearance of your models!

Thank you, @mister-omortson. I strive to try and create unique photos that stand out from the noise.

Hi my friend. It's a great job with perfect results. Honestly for me art makes us aware of the beauty of a life. It shows us the beauty of a work. An invaluable art is art that can thrill the soul of every person who sees it. I am also looking forward to writing in comics. Continued success
Thanks for this

Thank you, @wiralhokseumawe! I appreciate that. I take a lot of pride in the photography, but the comic stuff is what brings me the most happiness.

Hallo @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? Your model this time is also beautiful and sexy. The picture is very good. I like the photo of women sitting on rocks. Have a nice day, sir.

@elianaelisma, hi! I'm good, thank you. She is. I love working with her. That's my favorite one, too. Have good day!

I think the wait is worth it, there is so much perfection and beauty in your art.

Stunning photography as always Lars, I really can't decide which one I like best here, because they all convey a unique story. Miss Violet Vixen is special. She has quite a piercing gaze, exhibiting depth and intelligence.

Much respect for the first pose above, I can't imagine it was comfortable for her, but she pulled it off like a true pro.

Well done, keep up the great work!

Really beautiful photos @kommienezuspadt ! the last two are my favorites in one she looks like she has something in mind I like the expression she has. In the table the lighting and sensuality are great. Beautiful model and very patient.
That good! More comic will come!

Great mood on second and nice shadows in third one

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