Gorgeous gal!! <3

She is, @mamalikh13. It was a pleasure shooting with her.

for sure :)

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Hello @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? Here is still early in the morning, my friend. I just get up. Wow. ... your model this time is very sexy. Your photos are also very good. Is @guthrie your child, sir? Have a nice day.

I'm great, @elianaelisma! @guthrie is my son, yes. Thank you for the comment! Have a great day.

Good model and good light.... thats all we need ;)

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Thanks, @axeman. I love that space. There are open window in every room. Just an embarrassment of riches for rich lighting.

Your model dresses and shows well in lingerie.🔥

I agree, @calmacs. She was a blast to shoot with.

Yeah definitely I think sometimes the uniqueness of a work for hire photographer is the reason why they get more clientele and like you mentioned it, directing and a unique lightening style , May just be that extra package that make you even better. Amazing shots here wow

Beautiful photography..
I like it this post..
Thanks for sharing this post..
I appreciate your valuable post..

I think everyone supports your art because you deserve it because it's a style is great and you do it very well! your work takes you away from gutrie and vermillion
Sometimes, but as you say, pay the bills, plus it's not all bad to be something like your own boss and you can take some time to be with them. Good thing you're going back to normal, work is more hectic, but I think you're used to it and if at any time you're doing nothing, you feel bad.
The use of lamps to illuminate is a great idea.
Lars, she is beautiful.!

Lace bras and soft warm lights.... le sigh....