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in #photography3 years ago

I often feel like I'm left behind too.
Unfortunately, the law of nature is: adapt or die.
We have to keep up. Just like those hamsters running around that wheel lol
i have a picture I shot in Malaysia ages ago, but nothing new I'm afraid.
Hope you are well


thanks for the resteem
you do?
but why amigo ..
post it
as long as its yours's alright
I didn't really say it has to be something new
and do mention why you feel that way
hurry while my VI is still hot :D


i more like wanted to say hi, not get the vote.
but anyway here it is.
the old house with the high rise behind it.

as to why I am feeling left behind, is because there'a always new things coming out
a new app, a new social media platform, bla bla
and it's so hard to catch up with everything, because you only have 24 hours in the day
well, c'est la vie

maybe you don't
but I do need a proper example of this
so thank you!

I can relate .. exactly those reasons of yours
and hey! that's my favorite French expression :D

edit 2: btw, is that even a house
or really literally whats left behind of that house :D

what's left of it more like.
but i think they will do something with this façade eventually

I see
must be what they call here "monumental heritage"
not allowed to be taken down
protected :D

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