Spring Slides Into Summer

in #photography4 years ago

June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season...School is ending for most... Spring's last slide into Summer... The flowers are blooming everywhere and green is the color of the month. This is my color of the month..I don't think there's anything official! ... . New life... New beginnings".. Things are looking good all over... Take a look for yourself!

Follow the little back door down to the banks of the river. Through the green foliage to the edge of the water.

Watch the baby (ducks) following their (parents) down a river or across a lake. "Wait up dad, mom''s slacking behind again"

Meeting new friends and sharing toys! After a day at the beach and getting a bath!
And ya gotta love the flowers... From Utah to California ... From fields to parks (Golden Gate Park) and neighborhoods. Some wild, some planted, but all gorgeous.... Just a few for your viewing pleasure.. I'll be in Texas over the weekend. Hear it's hot. Chat with you from the Houston are soon!
Watch for more....flowers and such!

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