Old and beautiful Vienna water tower from 1898

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Hello dear Steemians!
Here are some photos of Wasserturm in Vienna, where I was yesterday, visiting exhibition from an friend, Manfred Walter. http://www.manfred-walter.com/
The water tower is very interesting and worth seeing - if you want to visit it, pay attention to guided tours!
I would also like to exhibit there, I painted water on many paintings, so I think it will fit in there.

The water tower was built in 1898/99 and supplied the high areas of the 10th and 12th district with drinking water. This task was taken over a few years later by the II. Vienna Spring Source Line, which was put into operation in 1910.
From this time on, the tower was only occasionally in operation, for example when the II.
Mountain Spring Pipeline had to be drained for maintenance work.
From 1956 the water tower was no longer used for water supply.

Wasserturm 2019 (14).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (16).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (10).jpg


Wasserturm 2019 (13).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (15).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (3).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (11).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (12).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (4).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (5).jpg

View from the roof from above:
Wasserturm 2019 (9).jpg

And beautiful view on Vienna:
Wasserturm 2019 (6).jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (7).jpg
Wasserturm Wien 2019 - 18.jpg

Wasserturm 2019 (17).jpg
Thanks everyone! <3


That's very beautiful, Vesna ! I love all those coloured tiles off the tower's wall ! AMAZING <3

People don't often make such beautiful buildings anymore, these days, I think ...

Also you look very lovely ! <3 A wonderful post, Vesna, I really enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much! <3 :-)

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Thank you!

Very nice photography great work my friend

Thank you!

We were there together - I just "tripped" over this post scrolling while looking if you had posted anything new. These are awesome photos, much better than the ones I took!
It might be a good idea to exhibit there next year when it gets warmer again - I thought the location is unique with the spiral ramps going up, sort of like in the Guggenheim Museum (on a smaller scale, of course).

The "Bassena" in the Watertower

I realized I never processed my photos - the Bassena is one of them, and I just fixed it now in Photoshop for this comment.