Mystic Photography: What You and Your Camera are Capable of Catching!

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The Art of a Mystic Camera Dance
Many Photographer's and Artists through the years have asked me how I capture images like this one. And my reply is always,

If you're willing to bend the rules, sometimes you and your lense can bend reality.

Most think I have used time lapse or I have Photoshoped the images. Not at all. I have used a very early version of iphoto to bring out the definition of the pics and to enhance the clarity of image but never to add anything. I have caught some amazing and unexplainable images but for the purposes of this article I will begin by showing you these photos and in later post I will show you the way more surreal.

Since everything I do, whether I am baking cookies or a cake, or playing my Stratocaster, or painting a new piece, or whatever the artistic endeavor, I love to push the limits as to what is uniquely possible.

Why? Because spontaneous inspiration steps in, if not, I can get really bored fast and things just look too conventional. First and foremost, I am an admitted Inspiration Junkie! Straight up. And whatever I do artistically, this is the main ingredient that I use...or should I say, sometimes uses me, to create very unique sounds, food, or images, that makes me wonder!


Of course I don't exclusively Photograph like this, but when the situations come together like this one did, I have lots of fun! So how do I do this dance in practical language? I will do my best to break it down.

Steps to Mystic Movement Photography

#1. One must feel the moment is right. Meaning the elusive magic of the moment must be there, as in this shoot, which one cannot just set up before hand. At least I can't. It has nothing to do with technique or the regular props that come with tweaking up your equipment etc.

As a matter of fact I tried to replicate the same natural effects when I was talked into doing a shoot for a lady that wanted me to capture her in this way that turned out to be kind of a disaster. Because I thought, wow I can just go to this person's house and set up what I felt would reproduce the same...didn't happen lol and I was so embarrassed for her and myself. I learned a very hard lesson. Maybe others can do it with a mathematic rhythm. So as I said, the right vibe and moment has to be there. (Oh and it helps to be in a Shamanic space like Sedona;)

#2. Your subject, or subjects have to be in that moment, even if they don't know it, without realizing you are running to get your camera.

#3. You must use your camera like a dance partner and willing to move by the music of this magical moment without any preconceived idea.

#4. The setting must be lit by candle light. To much light, day light or artificial lighting has a different quality and can be done, but for highlighting your subject, I go for Candle light for mystical illumination. Larger white wax candles are preferred.

#5. Your camera should be or come close to the design of a 2003 Canon D10 and have a standard SLR wide angle lense that you can spontaneously move with your hand.

#6. With auto focus off and turning the Fstop manually, finding your range as you move it, clicking away at their same time. Doesn't that sound weird??? But for me it works.

#7. Take the setting feature and turn it all over the place as you snap each photo while still doing step #5. But depending on how much candle light I am working with I set it on either action or night mode as a rule.

Did I explain it? Because this is the first time I've tried without just stating what I use to give as my standard answer as stated at the beginning of this post. But to all my fellow Steemian Photo bugs...I am telling all. First time I've tried to explain it, even to myself lol.


The Story of this Spontaneous Shoot

These two folks were in a space that was a bit uncomfortable, and that's saying it lightly, due to the fact that the man was hiking with us earlier and afterward came to the house after dark to have dinner with me and my Lady, and lo and behold a previous romantic interest of his and a friend of ours showed up, too early to the house...what is one to do? I felt the tension rising, sat them down, got them a drink, my wife quickly lit a candle, left them at the table as they sat there silently, in a kind of contemplative shock, wondering how this could have happen. My deeper wish was that these two would resolve the unresolved feelings that were quite obviously leaking from the repressed energy. They only bringing together to be found, was in the photo below.

Who wouldn't run and get their camera!

I felt like Richard Avadon when he was purposely late to a Shoot to photograph the royals of I think Norway, with their plethora of pomeranians. Right as they were about to chid him for being late, for a King and Queen, (lol) he came in their room, brought his camera to his eye, as he told them without apology, that he was late because he had hit a small dog with his car trying to get there in time (which was not true) ...and snap the pic, as the last syllable left his lips. And what expressions he caught! Classic Avadon. Yet at this moment, I didn't have to say a word. I just snapped away.

If you don't have a old Canon such as mine or even a better Digital camera, experiment and see what you can come up with, I would love to see if this works for others.

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Camera: Canon D10
Lense: Standard SLR after market Canon wide angle
Settings: Everywhere

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