ROADTRIP WEST COAST SCOTLAND - Castles, Towers and Horses

At this time of year, I didn't expect to have this fantastic weather in Scotland, you wouldn't believe it was February. The Sun was beaming and the Skys were Blue, it made the Snow on the Mountains Glow.







We made our way up the West Coast through the Snowy Mountains at Glen Coe then past Ballachulish. It was the longer route but I'm glad we took the detour and seen the magnificent views. We managed to take a pitstop during the 3-hour drive to stretch our legs and have a picnic, we found a nice quiet spot beside the road, it was a Park area between the road and a farm, we were joined by some hungry horses.




After a delicious lunch, we got back on the road again, we were between Glen Coe and Oban by this point when we stumbled across a picturesque castle called Castle Stalker it is placed on an Island right in the middle of Loch Laich. It is very well preserved Castle actually one of the best I heard and I believe you can also do trips to the Castle by boat of course.

Whoever lived there didn't like people, I guess?



Our final Destination was a small town and Port called Oban, such a sweet little town with a population of around 30,000 people. It is one of those towns where everyone knows each other, but they are so friendly and welcoming to visitors.

McCaig Tower



We were staying overnight in Oban which gave us the chance to do some exploring...(Of the Locals Pubs.)

And the weather was pleasant enough that we even got the chance to sit outside in the Pubs garden which was right in the center of Oban, watching the world go by with a nice cold Beer 🍻


After a brilliant day from beginning to end what a better way to end the night with a gorgeous Sunset ... Andddd Scotland beating England in the Rugby LOL ;) (Jk)


I definitely take my country for granted and it's beauty, I have all of this at my doorstep and I don't appreciate it nearly enough! From now on I will appreciate everything.

"A man travels the world over and returns home to find it"

Thanks for joining me on my roadtrip and have a wonderful weekend!

Lauren xxx


awesome pictures! Is that Ben Nevis on the 4th picture?! I once climbed (hiked) on the top. I love Scotland, and I wish I was there right now!
Upped and Resteemed!

Thank you @holgerwerner No we actually never got as far as Ben Nevis, that was another 50 minutes away from where we turned we where on the Ballachulish road that's where we turned and drove down towards Oban :) I would love to see that though I can check that out next time!

And thank you for the support ;) Appreciate it

Aleays a plesure!
Nice synchronisms! The daughter of a colleague went to Scotland, today. As I am also interested in travel, dreams, fitness and trading I follow you now!

That's awesome, hope it stays nice and Sunny for her then :)

Brilliant @holgerwener glad to have you here and appreciate the Follow, following you back! Look forward to knowing you more!

Excellent! Just finished my Yoga morning workout at send you my best wishes for a great day!
Love, Unity & Abundance

That's great @holgerwerner Yoga King! Should post some Yoga on Steemit :) I've just finished my Gym Session hehe ;)

All the best to you too!

In fact I am going to create an account only for Ayurveda, natural health care and Yoga! Haha! Yoga king sound great, only I am a small mouse with some minor Yoga experiences.

That's awesome! Look forward to seeing your Account ;)

Wow! I love the pictures. Its all great. Make me wish I live there or at least be able to visit the place someday. Enjoy your trip!

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I have never been on western part of Scotland yet, but all my friends praising Glen Coe, so this will be next weekend trip

Yeah, you must see it one time, the whole drive up from Loch Lomond is beautiful! You got to catch it on a nice day when the Sun is shining though :)

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