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In Southern Illinois, there lies a one of the most visited landmark in Illinois. It is located within the Shawnee National Forest, a protected area in Southern Illinois. Among many recreational activities Shawnee National Forest had to provide, "Garden of Gods" is one of it. It has many high cliffs, which once used to be covered by the sea. This heavenly sandstone between the forest attracts many rock climbers and bird watchers.

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Wow!. Love the second pic . the orientation and the colour effect . really cool.

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really beautiful view and stone.

How do I get to climb up and sit at the top with a very beautiful view of it?difficult ?

Here in Illinois, some of the stones are difficult, but most of them are very easy to climb. And you can view beautiful forest and birds from here

It is a very nice place. The view is so amazing. The rock formation is so enchanting it makes you appreciate nature fully.

Thank you for your insight

Such a beautiful place!

Thanksfor stopping by

Thank you for stopping by

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This is really a nice place to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. it is one of a kind. The place is indeed the garden of the gods for it is so beautiful. Looking at this view would erase all your struggles in life.

Yeah, it was such a nice place to go in the free time, and was very beautiful

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing

Thabk you for stopping by

Credits to the photographer, many congratulations for having the ability to capture in an image the nature in full, the second image manages to fill me with a great serenity and tranquility, from already followed

Wow!. Impressive pictures

Amazing view from the top :)

Thank you for appreciating my content