Birds - Little spiritual teachers for us

in #photography2 months ago

Welcome to the wonderful world of birds! Do we know how to see beauty? Or in everyday chores, everyday bustle - we have no time for it? But the ability to see beauty, to admire it, can significantly transform our lives!


Birds are not flying pieces of meat that you have to "harvest" to eat! And not moving targets for the cruel fun of primitive people called sport hunting! They are our friends!

Moreover, they can become our little spiritual teachers for us, helping us get rid of the gross emotional states that draw us to hell. And they also show us the opportunity to approach paradise - through attunement of souls with them, paradise beings.


And you can love beauty only if we know how to notice it and emotionally experience every nuance of the splendor of beauty!


Observing them in nature, you begin to understand that birds are not biological mechanisms at all, and their behavior is determined not only by reflexes and a certain set of instincts embedded in them.

No! They are precisely living, intelligent beings who pass their stage of development in the great process of the Evolution of Consciousness in the universe. And they also have the ability to think, experience, be gentle and loving.


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