Awesome Food On The Steem Blockchain "DeliciousJapanese Vegan Bento Box "

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Hello, dear Steemians


Food From Heaven

When it comes to food, I love food from all cultures.

Especially from the Asian region, I am an huge Japanese food lover.


Since it does not always have to be meat, I show you today a Japanese, vegan Bento Box.


This consists of a delicious seaweed salad with a peanut sauce. Delicious tofu with vegetables in their own broth and a real good rice.


Tomorrow I will back with a new graffiti artwork.

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Much appreciated. Thank you.

My wife and I are watching Bobby Flay visit Italy 🇮🇹 on Netflix, So we decided to go out and get some fresh made local gelato!

That sounds really nice. I hope you have enjoyed your ice cream.

very special food, must have tasted really good. Have a nice day @lichtblick

Really Tasty and Delicious and me want to taste 😋

wow, it looks like a magnificent meal in japan, it sure tastes really good ,,,

and I'll be waiting for your graffiti artwork tomorrow ..

Thank you very much.

your post made me hungry 😋😊

I am glad that you like it.. Thank you.