Awesome Graffiti Art On The Steem Blockchain "A Huge RED Mural"

in #photography22 days ago

Hello, dear Steemians


More Sprayed Art In The Park

Today it's back to giant graffiti.

A nested ornamement mural in red and white.

Like every day, you can be curious if the artwork is still there tomorrow.
Perhaps the next is already to be seen.

If you are interested then you should

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a very interesting graffiti art,I like the results are very amazing.
greetings @lichtblick

Thank you very much.

Yes,you are welcome @lichtblick
I want to be your brother.

Very beautiful art

I like the 3D effect. Its beautiful

this is what I was waiting for, the graffiti is very beautiful, the colors and shapes are very nice ,, Thank you my friend for sharing this cool graffiti ... thank you @lichtblick

Yeah Amazing and No matter how much you praise Art. 😊

I wonder how you can get all these results, using spray paint it is very difficult to make art @lichtblick