Awesome Graffiti Art On The Steem Blockchain "A Not Of This World Mural"

in #photography24 days ago

Hello, dear Steemians


Hive Meets Pac Man

Also today I have a new graffiti artwork for you.

Here it is super hard to say what it should represent the.
It reminds of a beehive and above a bit of a hairy Pac Man or could be a kind of a snakes head.


Artistically, the sprayer has in any case given a lot of effort and also here you can be curious how long it remains visible at this highly frequented place at all.


Exciting as it goes on tomorrow.

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It's really really amazing, I admire all the art that you show

Almost looks three-dimensional. The artist has done a lot to create depth in this work. Upvoted and re-steemed

Much appreciated. Thank you.

just wow my friend .thanks for share this.

very pretty picture

very cool graffiti work, dragon-shaped images and very cool colors .. good luck my friend @lichtblick

you are welcome, my friend @lichtblick, greetings of friendship ..

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