Traditional Shoe Making - Art and Artist

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These days everyone is running after brands and also likes to buy Shoes of big and expensive brands. Hand made shoe tradition is very much obsolete. Every region has its unique style and design of shoes. In Pakistan, there are many different popular traditional shoes in demand. In these shoes, some gain international popularity like Peshawari chappal. Even international companies try to claim their rights on this brand but still Peshawari chappal is Pakistan's traditional shoe and very popular among youth. The manufacturer has introduced many new designs in it.



Another famous traditional shoe is Khussa. This shoe is totally hand made. It is very popular in Punjab and many different color schemes and designs have been introduced to attract youth. Now in every big mall, the Khussa shop is the most crowded place. Especially women match these Khussas with their clothes to attend the marriage ceremony.






Pakistan's most famous Truck art has also been introduced in Shoemaking. These Truck art shoes are very popular among youth and many foreigners also take interest in it. Even I also saw these traditional shoes in every big festival organized in Pakistan.

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