Galaxy S9+ Dual Camera Control and Basic Design Principles

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The dual camera on the Galaxy S9+ is one of those features that I’m really enjoying a lot. The 2X zoom on the phone is very handy for making distortion free close-up pictures. Plus the “Live Focus” mode for taking a wide angle and zoom picture at the same time is very fun to use.

That being said, the basic operation of the dual camera was a bit confusing to me at first. When you first start up the camera you can see a little “2X” indicator on the screen as this picture shows:

Galaxy S9+ wide angle shot – click for viewing full screen

At first I thought that the “2X” was indicating that both cameras were operating or something. Pushing that makes it read “1X” and zooms the display. I figured I should leave it on 2X to keep both cameras working - after all I paid for a dual camera. LOL.

The 2X mode indicator is located in the bottom left of the cameras display near a yellowish looking fruit.

Pushing that changes the indicator to read “1X” and the display zooms in to look like this:

Galaxy S9+ 2X zoom shot – click for viewing full screen

Okay, I’m really confused here. It says “1X” but things are zoomed in. Is this the wide angle mode or the zoom mode? Are both cameras operating or is just one? Reading the manual doesn’t seem to help much, perhaps the person who wrote it was confused as well or there was some translation issue.

As it turns out this indicator is not indicating the current state of the camera but showing what state the camera will be in if you push the button. WHAT?

This seems like a confusing design flaw that breaks with convention, kind of like a red light labeled “GO”. So you are supposed to push the button to go into “GO” mode I suppose? What if I am going, am I supposed to go some more, or stop?

Okay, maybe I’m old fashioned but I find this confusing.

For another example, this is a switch clearly labeled “OFF”:

Switch in “OFF” position – click for viewing full screen

I would expect that whatever device is controlled by the switch would be “OFF” as in: no power would be flowing to it. I suppose you could label the switch “ON” as in: if you push this switch something will turn on.

Having it labeled the first way is a convention that fits with how a switch used to work way back when you could visually look at it and see if the contacts were closed or not. It really didn’t even need to be labeled at all, if you knew anything about how it worked.

I suppose that with an old fashioned switch with exposed contacts, if the contacts were labeled “OFF” and the switch lever open position was labeled “ON” that would make a certain poetic sense. Clearly one would move the switch lever into “OFF” position in order to turn the device on.

Being the confused person that I am, I might look at the contacts labeled “OFF” and assume that the power was turned off by the power company. Grabbing both contacts, one in each hand to prove that the power was “OFF” I would be posthumously awarded the Darwin award for my inability to understand a clearly labeled device. LOL.

Now that I have confused you completely I would advise that you go out and get yourself a Galaxy S9+ so everything will be clear as mud.

My fix: Have the dual camera indicator work just like the flash indicator and have it give text feedback when pushed like “Switching to 2X zoom” or “Switching to wide angle” with the button graphic displaying the current mode.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S7 on March 22, 2018


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Thank you. It is interesting that the phone is trending in Indonesia.

Like in the world, samsung is no 1 smartphone in indonesia, thanks brother @lightsplasher

@lightsplasher, That would be nice promoting post about dual camera option of Samsung S9 phone. Best camera controlling feature in those phone. Taken some awesome pictures. But I have no Idea about Samsung. I used another branded smart phone. Your information must important to who want to buy new Samsung S9 phone series. Well explained.

Thank you. Yes the dual camera is very nice and functions like an optical zoom on other digital cameras.

I can't imagine you would ever be up for a Darwin Award ... humor they say is the highest sign of intelligence ... I say some of these new gadgets are just too fan-dangled:):):) Love your little collection of objects ... a feather, acorn, and some blossoms:) The reflective work was a nice touch:)

Thank you! I'm not sure how many people find the humor in some of what I write, but I enjoy writing it.

I did:) Wishing you blessings:)

I really like Galaxy S9. I am collecting sbd to buy Galaxy S9. If I already bought the Galaxy S9 I think it would be best for me to take various pictures well for me to share in this very beloved Steemit.

Thanks @lightsplasher You have shared information about Galaxy S9, I am so impatient to buy Galaxy S9

Nice, I think that will be wonderful, I hope you can get the phone camera soon and enjoy using it.

Thank you, I pray that you may be healthy always and continue to support us small fish

Yeah you did confuse me a lot because I am an old fashioned and simple person too and prefer really user-friendly electronics and gadgets. I am glad you are experimenting with your phone's camera and enjoying it. :)

Sorry about confusing you, I was trying to be a bit funny and show how software design can be made more user friendly. I'm really enjoying the phone. It makes me think about doing a bit of android programming again but I'm not sure if I want to invest my effort in that direction.

Haha no no need to say sorry. I understood what you were trying to do but like I mentioned on your blog before, I have a pea sized brain when it comes to such stuff lol. I think you should go ahead with android programming and you could take it slow so you do not over-exhaust yourself but then again getting more clarity on whether or not you really want to do it is important before actually pursuing the idea.

Pretty confusing indeed :))
I think I will wait a bit, I have just read an article about S9 having touchscreen problems. Hope it won't be your case! Have a lovely day.

I just read an article about the touch screen issue too. So far I have not noticed anything unusual about the screen operation, but these types of issues happen on new phones sometimes.

"perhaps the person who wrote it was confused as well?" Lol, that's an interesting side to it. And talking of getting a galaxy S9 to make things "clear as mud," the idea did drop.

Lol, I'm glad you found the humor in the post. :D

Maybe from now it ll be the best camera smartphone. I have pre order it in our country for buy. Hope it ill be soon in my hand

Wow nice! I hope you enjoy it and it works out well for you.

Very beautiful flower and a perfect craftsmanship in taking pictures @lightsplasher.

Here's a flower for you.


Nice, thank you. :)

the picture quality is very good and I really want to have android S9 ,,, But I am not possible to buy it because the price is very expensive ... but I hope suati when I can have it.

Greeting success my friend's @lightsplasher.

Perhaps the price will go down and your budget will go up. Success to you as well. :)

Makes one wonder how they can have such great technology yet be so awful with explaining clearly how to use it lol. I know it hurt my brain trying to follow what they were thinking! As always, a fun read!

Thanks! It is tough to design a good user interface, especially with many people working on the project with different ideas about it.

It's amazingly interesting The dual camera on the Galaxy S9 + is one of those features that I'm really enjoying a lot. The 2X zoom on the phone is very handy for making distortion free close-up pictures. Plus the "Live Focus" mode for taking a wide angle and zooming at the same time is very fun to use.

And I also use xiaami MIA One mobile phone that its camera is also 2 camera behind 1 front camera.
this image results one camera behind..

Thanks you my friend

Nice photo. The crab looks good in this close-up.

camera is very sophisticated and luxurious is really amazing picture very clear and bright I like the camera but I've bought a new hand phone xioami MIA1ini also a good camera.

There are definitely a lot of good camera phones out there now. I'm not familiar with that one, but if it works well for you thats great.




Last night I took some pictures of flowers with Oppo A37 camera. What do you think Is good picture quality?

Interesting photography, nice job!

Thank you friend. I'll work better again So I can get Galaxy S9. With galaxy s9 Maybe I will find very good picture quality

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Truly a perfect camera shoot, I use samsung galaxy j7 pro camera. but the camera results are not good, so I need to edit to make it look brighter.

Very interesting, Samsung Galaxy S9 + is very good my dear @lightsplasher

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