Some Mid May Garden Photos

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Some of the green onions that I planted in the fall last season survived over the winter and are flowering now. I usually plant any onions that we don’t eat that are left over in the refrigerator. They kind of get dried out and less appetizing when refrigerated for too long.

Usually the green onions perk back up after being planted – sometimes they grow and sometimes they don’t. I can harvest some of the onions all season if we don’t eat them faster than they can grow, but in the winter they don’t grow much. They taste much better when freshly harvested from the garden.

I’m planing on spreading these onions around the garden more after the flowers mature.

OnionFlower .jpg
Onion flower – click for viewing full screen

Some petunia flowers growing in a hanging basket on our porch:

petunia .jpg
Petunia flowers in a hanging basket – click for viewing full screen

Some buttercups were growing in our yard among the grass. Daisies and buttercups grow all over our yard. I like to let many different types of plants like clover, moss and flowers, grow in with the grass and don’t like to put weed killer on the yard.

The birds really like to eat the seeds and bugs in the yard. I noticed a smaller bird eating the dandelion seeds this morning.

The starling who’s egg I put back in the birdhouse, has some new baby birds now. The mom is very busy feeding the young birds and you can here them chirping loudly when she comes home with food.

gardenBins .jpg
Buttercups growing in the grass – click for viewing full screen

Here’s some of the Swiss chard and bok choy being prepared for stir frying:

DinnerPrep .jpg
Dinner being prepared – click for viewing full screen

Cooking it up. All kinds of good vegetables are great for stir frying together for dinner. Not everything is from the garden but a lot of it is.

DinnerCook .jpg
Dinner cooking – click for viewing full screen

A nice plate of food prepared at home:

Dinner .jpg
Home cooking – click for viewing full screen

Fresh food from the garden is really wonderful in flavor. I think this year the garden soil is producing better food from the use of compost and mulch. Potatoes, corn, carrots, beans, artichokes and lettuce are coming up. The asparagus I planted last season is coming up again and should be ready for limited harvesting next year. The rosemary is flowering and bushing out very nicely this year too as well as many other herbs.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+.


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Wow...Glad to see your growth up onion flowers and another beautiful flowers. Prepared dishes gain mouth watering @lightsplasher. So outstanding images shared.

Wow excellent photography my dear @lightsplasher
i love your all natural photos i appreciate your post thanks for shere...... also i shering some nature photos please run my blog and seen my post and comment how looks like my photos.....i hope you like my photos dear.....?

Planting your own vegetables is healthier than buying in the market, the vegetables will be fresher when cooked,
If the market is not necessarily healthy because they use a variety of pesticides to improve yields,

It is very beneficial for me my brother green onion his flower has a very beautiful flower, I have tasted the cooking of green onion is very good, I have seen the evening cuisine that my brother provides looks very good friend of mine, may the green onion plant I progress more smoothly and survived as now I also want to try to plant the green onion, may my dinner @lightsplasher fun. the petunia flower plant also looks very beautiful my brother @lightsplasher though yes it only grows in yard grass, and i also much like the plants as you mentioned earlier, thanks to you have shared about the green onion plant and the dinner which is served may the dinner it will feel beautiful my brother I feel happy if you are also happy to thank my brother @lightsplasher

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It’s nice to stop and enjoy ourselves for parts of the day over food.

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oh yes my friend, i got another type of dragonfly, and i send it for you, hope you like it

image image

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Keep it up . Thanks to @tanjina

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Really lucky you @lightsplasher...!!!

Because it is able to consume healthy food from the garden of your own business.

The fresh food we picked from the garden is very fresh and healthy, because we will reduce the use of chemicals that are harmful to the body.

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Honestly, I prefer to post, to read, and to see stories of daily life like this than other ones. It's so authentic and peaceful (I'm tired of reading bad news, this kind of story really brings peace to my mind). The pictures are great, thanks to Galaxy S9+ and the beautiful objects to shoot around your place. And uh, I've never seen that kind of onion flower, it's unique. 🙂
And yes, the tofu really makes me hungry now.
You know, I don't know what to post lately. Seeing your posts makes me inspired to also write about my own daily life.

** Hello friends, I really like your post @lightsplasher because your post can add insight for me I really like the petunia flower** image

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Very pretty flowers @lightsplasher I love with this flower image. There is a flower for you please accept image

Great post!
I didn't know that plants that had been refrigerated could still grow? (your onions)
Are there many steemians like you @lightsplasher, at ease with cryptotech and gardening? It will do us much good if more of us cultivate the food we cook in our kitchens.
Congrats on the new young birds!

Glad to meet a smartphone photographer im a smartphone photographer but the difference between us that my works looks more professional like i used a DSLR some of my worjs below.

Wow so beautiful photography

@lightsplasher sir fantastic click my dear friend keep clicking awesome subject I support and appreciate you work

wow wonderful photography , thank for sharing,:-):-):-):-):-)
visit my teacher please :-):-):-)

wow wonderful photography , thank for sharing,:-):-):-):-):-)
visit my teacher please :-):-):-)

Beautiful plants, so you are so happy to plant them, I think it's a very good food from the garden itself. And a very unique and rare new this time I saw it. It's really amazing

I think these are very beautiful flowers, and good food from your own garden. You really care about their lives, very rarely do we encounter

Very beautiful flower

The flowers are beautiful, and the food is very unique

Everything looks beautiful, because you are so concerned with the natural life with beautiful flowers.

I once cared about onions, or flower plants, but I always fail to take care of them .. I do not know why.

Beautiful flower plants, thanks for sharing

I really like this friend cooking, especially fried vegetables, very delicious and fragrant according to my filing, when we are beside the dish. I really like my vegetables @lightsplasher, and another, your kitchen is very clean and tidy, and your kitchen equipment is very luxurious. image
imageI also believe that you also love animals.

I will make this food. I like it. good food good health......

We call Bok Choi here a "Pechay" sometimes a Chinese cabbage. Indeed a harvest from our own garden tastes nice if we incorporate them in our dishes, saves us from buying pesticide-laden produce that gives an ill health @lightsplasher I just told my brother to plant a spinach for me so we could juice it after I acquired a juicer for myself. Spinach is a very nutritious food.

Thanks you very much for your sharing to us valuable post about gardening, I have upvote and resteem your post to more than 2500 my followers, thank you very much for your kind and support to me @abialfatih

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Astonishingly beautiful that onion flower—I had no idea...

What I do know is how satisfying it is to eat from one’s own garden (we make our own soups, salads, smoothies, tomatoe & pesto sauce).

We have a summer garden in Maryland that seems to get bigger every year. Just the other day, my wife planted garlic, so that we might transplant it in the garden.


Wishing you a healthy, happy week ahead, @lightsplasher ✨🙏🏼💫

PS - A new artist profile on Steemit, that I'm quite proud of :D

We have the same hobby @lightsplasher.

I am also very hobby gardening and menanan some plants that can be made as vegetables. image

how are my brother having a nice dinner with your big family and I hope my brother is healthy always, maybe if all the ingredients for dinner cooking if the result of the garden are all more satisfying my brother @lightsplasher. After work I felt tired when I searched for some green onion seeds in the market but I did not find it, because my area is only a lot of red onion, but I want to try to plant some green onion seeds but I can not find my area rarely to get I just hope my brother @lightsplasher always succeed in gardening and when the harvest is enough to fill the wallet. I today only got some of my brothers yellow flowers but unfortunately some of his flowers wilted in cause now only summer my brother may my brother can see some stalks about the yellow flowers I thank my brother @lightsplasher.

hi my friend my post today is very amazing, me. very fond of her, I really like the vegetables that Sabbath show in this post, thanks buddy for having menampilka something I really like


Please visit my lightsplasher. I need.🎅🎅🎅🎅


it is very tasty the best cuisine the most delicious..


it is very tasty the best cuisine the most delicious..


it is very tasty the best cuisine the most delicious..

hi my friend my post is very amazing today, I love it very much, I really like the vegetable vegetables that my friend show in this post


So far you have helped many others and you have shared a good post and quality. What I want to ask is why you never show your face? I want to see your appearance. Thank you Dear @lightsplasher


actually i want to try to taste the vegetables you cook @lightsplasher but that is not possible. who is in front of me just this, means I eat this alone.

well, the friendly season
and plants in your favor.
stalks and onion flowers in my palace are well liked by many people.
in the stir-fry will be very fragrant.
thanks for sharing @lightsplasher very good article.

The pitunia flowers are really nice looking.
And finally the the cooking foods looks nice. I am hungry buddy to see this. Give me this


How are you buddy... u forgot me... please visit my wall . You ll see some different types of pictures....❤️

Wooow very beautiful...the flowers are very beautiful.

You have cooking skills too!!
Would it be so beautiful if you could plant some peonies in the garden!!!! I think that are my favorite flowers!!
cheers @lightsplasher

I love the taste of fresh green onions too, Lightsplasher. The gardner for out building plants a little herb garden for us. It's fresh green onions all summer. I guess they should be coming up soon. Good news about the starling and here babies. You did a good thing:):) Your dinner looked delicious:)I bet it was:)

I have no regular job, my daily activities besides playing steemet, I do erratic activities.
If your @plplasher friends do not mind, please raise me in the steemet. Help me.😣😣

How are you my brother may my brother more success in plantation i respect my brother @lightsplasher how the circumstances with some of the plants that are in his garden my brother because here again summer, if my brother does not like me comment 😐😐

Nice flowers photography
i love flowers and photography
thanks for sharing

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,hi my friend, i send sbd to my friend @lightsolasher, as a flavor shape. thanks for my friend because my friend has been often present to my post, sorry my friend, I can not reply to the goodness of my friend in another way this way I can do thanks for my kindness buddy

This post very interest and useful. Nive to meet you my friend's @lightsplasher...

I respect you my brother @lightsplasher. I always expect the best for my brother. How are you now, how is the development of lettuce now? Are they still growing well this season? I really hope the lettuce plant grows well and what about my brother's potato plant. I will wait for the latest post from my brother, if my brother is not happy with the flowers I like, I feel a little sad.

hi my friend how are you today today my friend, hopefully you are good good and healthy healthy always, that's my hope buddy, oy my friend send my photografy yesterday, hope my friend happy to see her


My friend, how are you today? Hopefully you are healthy healthy always my friend, may be more successful thanks to @lightsplasher, which is always present in my blog


hi my friend, before him I apologize my friend, I am very curious about the interest in my friend's post, it looks, if we look at this very beautiful and elegant flower


greet my respect to my brother @lightsplasher I always respect you my brother, may my brother healthy and increasingly successful and richer, actually I also like gardening even though it is small as I post now about my little chilli plant, how about green onion now I have tried several times to search for green onion seeds in the market but still nothing because I really like the plant and I wait for further information about the plants in my brother's garden that are almost ready for harvest. And now I just try to plant some chili seeds in the small garden behind my house my brother @lightsplasher there are some pictures in my brother's post. I did not plant much because it's summer to see my brother if there is a problem in my chilli plant

Hopefully my brother @lightsplasher also likes melihahat in my gardening and there are some chili plants I cultivate my brother


This flower and food is very nice. Good luck brother...

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how are my brothers @lightsplasher how my brother does not like to see about my small garden,

The vegetable vegetables in the garden when it is cooked very delicious taste, we need to eat vegetables to the balance of our bodies, vegetables are delicious, I am the first, megikuti you and I will always megikuti you, I hope you like the job i give you this @lightsplasher because i am the first new lover of stimeet, and i will make stimeet more and more people who celebrate this stimeet, i really like your work @lightsplasher


Awsome flowers.
Great photography..........

Gardening is a good job............
When flowers were bloom......
I feel a mind blowing situation.......

I loved your mainly fresh salad. I had stir fry as well. Here is the lid I had to do a though cleaning LOL!

a very good post my friend really likes hi my friend would like to ask something about this animal whether animal name is friend


nice yellow flower, I also really like the flower with there his flower means is complete with the beauty, thanks @lightsplasher I also want to give you a flower may you happy with my flowers



Good post my friend @lightsplasher.

Wow excellent your gardening photo ..

Your dish is so delicious, I like to eat healthy too. Best wishes!

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