Join me with an evening walk and enjoy the view!

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Finally it’s friday. Closing off the week.
Got a message from my wife that they already had eaten at McDonalds. Basically she was trying to tell that I had to take care of myself regarding dinner 😂

I went for simple, italian pasta with gorgonzola sauce at some restaurant near the lake.

After I was done, I took a short walk enjoying the fresh weather and the view.



It wasn’t very crowded, so I could freely walk back and forth...



I come to this place every now and then if I need some privacy. Take a seat on one of these chairs. Listen to some music... and think... while enjoying the view...


Not today, I was just walking today. Used my brains intensively enough at work :P time to free my mind... by not thinking...


Finalizing my walk to go to home for some resting.



Enjoy your weekend everyone! Make the best of the time you get to spend!


Yes it is great :) thanks for your comment.

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Dang. That looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk! I love seeing spots like that. Thanks for sharing. :)

It really is a beautiful place to take a walk. Thanks for dropping by!