Me on me 4 hour walk.

in #photography4 years ago

I went on a 4 hour walk the other day and here are some photos I took during my walk.
When I got home my heart rate would not lower for a very long time And i did not rest well that night. I also do have high blood pressure. I learned that not to immediately go full gear into exercise......1.jpeg2.jpeg3.jpeg


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Looks very secluded...that one paved road - I can imagine very little traffic goes through there on a daily basis. Be careful with exercise.....pace yourself and stay safe!

I know and thank you! max for me now is 1 hour. And yes in that part of the path very little traffic does go through there. I thought it was just the right time to take that pic and I did notice it was a little off. If I had gone over just a little bit it would have been perfect.

watch carefully maybe bear grill will be there. take some food with you.

I never heard of him. I just looked him up. He is from the U.K. and lives in Ireland who is 35 who likes adventure and hiking. But I don't think I'll find him here lol. I live in the U.S. in the state of Minnesota

nice pictures I sure do enjoy hiking photos in nature

It is fun for me to do and pics I had to just take at the right time. But I have to take it easy from now on. 4 hours is a bit much. lol

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