Amazing...I am in love with the flowers

It’s Gen. The flowers are beautiful.

Thank you. This photo shared this photo is very nice. This is an awesome photo, and you're really a good photographer.

Rose flowers have a single summer reign. But these flowers look like they have an endless reign. You made good use of that camera. :)

AMAZING for flower the wild. Good @madiba

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Lovely photo! I really like it!

This is really a very beautiful camera.
Because the camera is good then the picture is very good.
I like your post.

Gracias por esa imagen Tan genial

Gracias por esa imagen Tan genial

the yellow of that flower is beautiful, it makes very good contrast

A great plant - the African wild potatoe! I have it growing and flowering now in my little garden - I transplanted it from the previous garden as didn't want to miss it. Now it is spreading and enjoyed by bees and other insects. The scientific name is: Hypoxis hemerocallidea.

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