Macro Shot of Flowers in the Mountain Slopes

in #photography3 years ago


Camera: Canon PowerShot A810
ISO: 100
Exposure Time: 1/500 seconds
Setting: Macro
location: Amathole Mountain Range, Eatern Cape, South Africa

Hope you like the picture! I unfortunately don't know what the flowers are called.


I am in love with the flowers

These flowers look so beautiful up close. You have gorgeous macro photography work and I can’t wait to see more of your work. Glad to see more awesome photographers on this site!

I love this flower.

i love this picture. it’s so beautiful, the way they just naturally grow like that i love nature and how everything just grows on its own terms and how it wants to.

Really nice picture of beautiful flowers. Does anyone know what species are the flowers?

What a sense for the artist. How well you know to choose the angle and perfect position and shikting time. I must appreciate clever mind. Bravo and keep on steeming

Flower shops in the ocean-lanes of different cities. Flowers are sold at large departmental stores from conventional stores. Besides, in front of the subway, flower sellers of various road estates can be seen. A flower is enough to please the darling or darling, and in keeping with this fact, in the evening, the vendors turn to flowers in the near-expensive restaurant. It is a memorable evening! It is said that there are flowers required to sit in this country.

Hey, those flowers are super weird and beautiful! Excellent shot I would like you to go to see my post. A big hug.

I'm a big fan of macro photography but I can never capture it good like you did on this photo. I always gets it to blur . Have you got any tips :)

Very nice and warm colour pallete gives this image very pleaseant and artistic feeling.Lovely shot,

beautiful flower I love it

Love to see the macro perspective...thanks so much for sharing.
Following and looking forward to more quality posts...

Awesome shot! I Can't wait to get back to the Eastern Cape!

Nice pic! Superb! Upvote given.

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Thanks much!

Awesome photos!! :) If your in to cool photos you might like the Mountains our AI generated.

Stunning. The colors are so vibrant. You certainly have a gift in perspectives. I am going to follow you because I love pictures of Mother Natures art work.

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