View from the Amatohle Mountain Range

in #photography3 years ago


Camera: Canon PowerShot A810
ISO: 100
Exposure time: 1/400 seconds
Setting: Live, Infinity
Location: Amathole Mountain Range, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Hope you like it!


There is nothing beautiful than nature

just awesome :)

Absolutely Gorgeous!! It looks like a painting - such intense greens & blues! Stunning photo - nice work!

Wao que buenas fotografías

Adorable shot. Marvelous, superb.
Thumbs up 👍👍👍👍 for this shot.
Keep it up.

Great shot! 👌

Nice pic Madiba. Nice username.

There is indeed a great deal of purity in the landscape, which is what man needs in this modern age .

I love natural pictures

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A litle bit more vivid and a litle bot fogremoval.

if your camera is capable of RAW, try Darktable (free and can do both, linux and Windows )
Expect for this 2 critic points, nice shot

Alam yang sangat indah....amazing

Whoa great view from above i will love to visit this place and take some photograph and take some pictures.

Great work @madiba. Nature is really beautiful. I'll use those exact settings on my camera and work on something.
Please check out my blog too @scantyhairedsamm

incredible landscape, nice shot, nature in its whole essence

Good shot! Above the clouds


Beautiful pictures. Upvoted please check out my post

That really is a breathtaking view

wow nice photo

Beautiful view

What a great shot. Already words are not enough to express their admiration!

Wow, awesome photo. I assume you were on a mountain when you took this? Do you know at what altitude?

Wow that is amazing, the colours are so bright and beautiful! Great shot!

Ah man, I love and miss Amathole!
Nice capture.

I hope i can go to a place same as this. It would be a great way to escape from the city.

How high up were you when you took this photo? Over 3000 meters?
I think you were on the airplane!?

wow... it´s so beautiful!