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I'm always for that in the posts tagged with "photographs" present the text with an explanation or a little story about the place, the story or depicted object. It is always interesting and informative. Because there are questions and I want to get answers. But sometimes there is no feedback and my questions hang unanswered. I try to give such comments or additional answers in my posts. It's so nice when people ask more questions here. This means that they have read and it was interesting :)
"VALUE" is what used to matter here - I love that you said that. It was a good tradition. Too bad it's fading away.
Sometimes I have a dilemma-write one big interesting post with lots of photos or divide it into several separate photos with short explanations :(
Because as the statistics of my blog show, big posts deserve much less attention than just photos with explanations. Paradox?! People read less
I liked the design of the Windows and walls in Your photos. Fish scales and stones - look very unusual, it's incredibly hard work to collect so many small parts. But what is the result!
I also like the shutters on the Windows. This gives the Windows a finished look, a special personality of the house. Sometimes they look like decoration. Thanks for the great photos.



I can relate to the frustration
don't worry not everyone doesn't care about value anymore
too bad our VI isn't as much as before anymore
it's hard to be generous casting it these days
I guess that's the cost for growth

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