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RE: When Everything Went On A "Last Full Show, SRO Long Queue Mode"

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Hi!!! You have a great trip here in the mountains. I can see from Your photos what a beautiful place it is. Even this rainy day does not make it less beautiful. I can almost imagine the air you're enjoying. I see those several waterfalls in the photo. I see them 3. I like the view of the cable car over the precipice. I imagine my heart is sinking at this height. It feels incredible. A delight! I like this bumblebee hiding from the rain, these little blue flowers and cheese instead of pizza. :)
But you have another trip. It lasts 2 years here on Steemit. I congratulate you on this milestone. I hope that it was also quite interesting and useful. Otherwise, you probably would have left this place like many others. I just have a question for you as one of the long-livers in this community: what was the most joyful, or the most pleasant , or the most memorable for you here? What? Just remember one of the coolest moments. I'm really interested because 2 years is a really good piece of time and you can safely sum up. Who disappointed the already is gone: (. But I hope that I will continue to read Your interesting stories. Once again, congratulations To you ! Good luck !


thank you

that's a lot of questions :D
sorry I was late to reply
but I barely make it here
it takes my VI 4 days to recharge these days
and is almost down till 34% when I let it go

Is it okay if I just mention the most memorable moment? It was the night I thought I won't be able to recover my password after replacing it and not being able to click save on the file.

That night, I met two of the kindest souls here, I've never met them then but they stayed up all dawn to help me finally recover my password. I treasure both souls to this day. They are one evidence that our cyber experience can be so amicable and friendships could develop on the web.

I'd rather not name drop but it's the most memorable because = which idiot would be so irresponsible losing his password?; some would have thought that had I asked the wrong person for help but asking those two people made me feel so at home afterwards knowing, there's someone you can rely on here, who'd treat you kindly despite such mistake.

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