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While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery - Groucho Marx

The Indian Rupee is the official currency of India and it is divided into 100 paise (at the moment the lowest value in use is the 50 paise coin). The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) takes care of the currency issuance in India.

After the demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 Rupees banknotes in November 2016, a newly designed 500 Rupees banknote was issued together with a new denomination of 2000 Rupees. Also, a new denomination of 200 Rupees banknote was added and, in 2018, a new 100 Rupee banknote.

India - 1 Rupee Banknote - Obverse


Before the Partition of India, the Indian Rupee was used as an official currency in other countries like Aden, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the Trucial States, Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Mauritius and Seychelles.

India - 1 Rupee Banknote - Reverse


At the moment of writing, the circulating notes in India are in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Rupees (Mahatma Gandhi Series) and denominations of 50, 200, 500 and 2000 Rupees (Mahatma Gandhi New Series) and the denomination of 1 Rupee of the Lion Capital Series. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a 100 Rupees note (Mahatma Gandhi New Series).

The 1 Rupee banknote in this post has the following dimensions: 97 mm x 63 mm.
Green and Pink are the main colours. On the obverse, we can find the 1 Rupee coin. On the reverse, there is the Sagar Samrat oil rig. The watermark used is the Pillars of Ashoka, a series of columns dispersed throughout India inscribed with edicts by the Mauryan king Ashoka, who reigned between 268 to 232 BC. This note in the picture was issued in 2017 and it is non-valid now.

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glad to see another person interest in numismatic .
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wow, glad to know you, @hooiyewlim
I subscribed to your YT channel and also followed you here on Steemit :)
I am a complete newbie in numismatic and for sure I am interested in countries like Malaysia

Thanks for writing about Indian currency, I'm very much pleased knowing many things about Indian Rupees. Have a nice time.

my pleasure, it is very interesting for me to write of currencies of different countries

Really interesting post, @marlon6! It made me reminisce over the bank notes of my own country, Denmark, who, in my opinion, unfortunately has become less beautiful with each new series (and more irrelevant, since everybody uses their debit card anyway)

mmm now I have to dig deep in my collection to see if I have some of them :) @cogitecture
yes, irrelevant but I am a vintage lover (see my series about postcards) so it's my "cup of tea"

That is refreshing some old memory. Sometimes changes are good and sometimes you know what I mean. Nice post

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yes, I think I understand what you say...I am a vintage lover, after all

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That’s nice i really like it when other currencies are been introduced too on this community

thanks for reading my post and for commenting, @humblebishop. I try to show currencies mostly of far away countries from Italy

Excellent review, my friend and I found out more about Indian rupee! Thanks @marlon6

ahah thanks @serkagan! I think this banknote has unusual proportions, at least for European eyes

Very interesting information @marlon6 and it can be useful in a trip to India!

thanks for your comment, @magnata. A trip to India would be wonderful!

Thanks for this information.

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