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Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money - Jackie Mason

Welcome to the 7th post of the "Memories from the Bank Vault" series (at the end of this post you can find links to previous episodes).

This time we travel to a country that is, at the same time, very young and very old.
We go to Kyrgyzstan or the Kyrgyz Republic, as it is officially called, or also Kirghizia a sovereign state in Central Asia.
Kyrgyzstan has borders with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China, and Uzbekistan. Its capital is Bishkek.

Kyrgyzstan - 1 Tyiyn Banknote - Obverse

kyrgyzstan-1 -tijin-obverse

This country has a millennial history being once part of the Silk Road and other important commercial routes. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, in 1991 it gained independency.

With a population of approximately 6 million, Kyrgyz culture enjoys elements of Mongolian, Persian and Russian influence.

Kyrgyzstan - 1 Tyiyn Banknote - Reverse

kyrgyzstan-1 -tijin-reverse

The currency of the Kyrgyz Republic is called Som (abbreviation: KGS) and it is divided into 100 Tyiyn.

In this post, we see the 1 Tyiyn banknote. This kind of banknote was issued in 1993 and withdrawn on 1st of January 2008. The other denominations issued in 1993 are: 10 Tyiyn, 50 Tyiyn, 1 Som, 5 Som and 20 Som.

Kyrgyzstan - source: Wikipedia


Dimensions: 90 mm x 70 mm
Obverse: Value and the Kyrgyz eagle
Reverse: Value and the Emblem of Kyrgyzstan

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all banknotes' pics in this post are author's pics

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I like it very much, I'll read the other articles of the series quickly.


you are very kind, @obulunmaz. I hope you will like previous and future posts of this series, too

thank you, I think not many have seen this banknote in their everyday lives

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I've heard Kyrgyzstan is called the Alps of Asia.i really wanna visit the Issyk-Kul lake in the country.Best.

I think it is an unconventional and beautiful destination, really

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