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"There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes - Abraham Lincoln"

In Turin (Italy), near piazza Castello, we can find Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja, a palace that was the first Senate of the Italian Kingdom. The name derives from two queens (madama) of the House of Savoy.

Palazzo Madama in a modern image - source: Wikipedia


Originally a gate in the Roman walls, it was enlarged to become a castle by the Savoia-Acaja family (a branch of the House of Savoy) during the early 14th century. After Acajas extinction, it became a residence for guests of the House of Savoy.

Palazzo Madama in a postcard of 1910, approximately


The palace had various uses (i.e. headquarters of the provisional French government during the Napoleonic wars). King Carlo Alberto made it the seat of the Royal Art Gallery Pinacoteca Regia and then it became the Subalpine Senate. In 1934 it started to house the City Museum of Ancient Art with a big collection of paintings, statues, ornaments, porcelain and decorative art.

Coordinates: 45°04′15″N 7°41′09″E
black and white postcard from my collection
dimensions: 13.5 cm x 8.5 cm

In 1861, John P. Charlton, an American printer, produced the first postcard, later copyrighted with Hymen Lipman (who is also credited with the copyright of the first pencil with an eraser, in 1858).

After more than 150 years, all kinds of postcards were produced all around the world.
Nowadays they seem a thing from the past and probably they are a vintage view on what the world once was. Those willing to actually pay attention can find a full universe in a single postcard.


Well, pictures are pretty much similar. I like the way you post things.

thank you @introvert-dime
day after day I am discovering that my postcard collection has a modern "mirror" on the web :)
soon there will be more episodes of this series

Excellent review, my friend, and it is always interesting to learn something new from history! Thank you @marlon6

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Hi! i am new here in this social network.Good journalistic blog.Its impressive the way the Palace maintain itself.i love italy!!!!

hi @ivancroce and welcome to the big Steemit family. Thanks for reading my post! Really there are just a few differences in this palace. By the way Ivan Croce sounds really like an Italian name :)

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