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Our future is just a past yet to arrive, our past a future come and gone - Natsuhiko Kyogoku

São Jorge Castle is a Moorish castle dominating the center of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal and the Tagus river.

St. George Castle, Lisbon (source: Wikipedia)


It is a big touristic attraction being a fortified citadel from the Middle Ages.

In 1147, both Lisbon and the castle were freed from Moorish control, when Alfonso Henriques and European knights in the Siege of Lisbon fought during the Second Crusade. This was the only success of that crusade.

São Jorge Castelo, Lisboa (St. George Castle, Lisbon)


A well-known legend says that knight Martim Moniz saw an open door in the castle and threw his body into the breach to prevent the Moors from closing it. He sacrificed his life allowing Christian soldiers to enter.

In modern times, a lot of renovations were initiated, demolishing many structures added in previous centuries. In 2006, Direcção Regional de Cultura Lisboa (DRCLisboa) created a protection zone that included the Castle of São Jorge, the walls of Lisbon and the Baixa Pompalina (already classified as cultural heritage).

black and white postcard from my collection
dimensions: 9 cm x 13.5 cm

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Historical notes about postcards:

In 1861, John P. Charlton, an American printer, produced the first postcard, later copyrighted with Hymen Lipman (who is also credited with the copyright of the first pencil with an eraser, in 1858).

After more than 150 years, all kinds of postcards were produced all around the world.
Nowadays they seem a thing from the past and probably they are a vintage view on what the world once was. Those willing to actually pay attention can find a full universe in a single postcard.


Very interesting story and beautiful castle!

thanks for reading and commenting on my post, last time I went to Lisbon I didn't go to visit the castle...I need to plan another trip to Portugal :)

Marlon Sir, you are great historical part sharing through the post with us beautiful castle photography I found in India at the home from your blog.
Thanks for sharing good article about castle thanks for stopping have a nice day.

thanks @shashiprabha I am happy you enjoy this kind of post!

Lots of Thanks for attention and support.

I just found out Lipman invented a pencil with an eraser through yr post.Thanks :)

ahah yes a common pencil but he was the first to think about it :)

this castle looks amazing!

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