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You're such a talented photographer Melinda. I love these shots.

It's a reminder of what is coming soon in Upstate New York, and as much as I'm not a fan of the cold, there is beauty to be witnessed with every season.

Keep up the great work :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! I think now I am ready for spring!

Me too and it's not even winter yet! 😂
I'm enjoying the fall though. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons.

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Thanks, Pix! ❤️

It looks like Alaska is still in a warm water flow, so a lot of the cold is bypassing us for now. We had one week of below freezing, one tiny false snow fall. It is looking more like mid November for our first real snow, but as we know Mother Nature can be fickle at times.

I think last night was our first below freezing temps and I guess as much as it has been raining it only makes sense that we got some snow. If our precipitation patterns continue, we are going to get buried in snow this winter!

Pretty!! Especially those hydrangeas...

Thanks! They did look pretty in the morning light!

Wow! Snowing already? Nice pictures though...loving them all.

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Thanks! Much too early for snow!

These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad you went out in your pajamas too.

Thanks! I was happy no neighbors drove past!

oh je... snow. i love only sunshine :D

Me too! I am not a fan of snow and cold.

It's gorgeous!

I actually put on sweatpants and a sweater for the first time since last winter! Not cold enough for snow but it was nice compared to the near 100 deg. We had just a few days ago :)

Thanks!I have been wearing snuggly clothing for the past few weeks. I'm afraid for us the worst is yet to come!

We don't get snow so i guess i'm lucky but nor entirely sure about that.

I will most likely have plenty anytime you want to come take snow photos!

Beautiful pictures ^^ .. It seems you are skipping the autumn, hehe ;)

Thanks! So many of the leaves are still green!

These are really nice early morning covered in snow photography.

These are really nice
Early morning covered in
Snow photography.

                 - kamrunnahar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked them.

Even though I am out in the Southwest for the winter, I still love to see some snow just to remind me of growing up in New England. Snow adds a special touch to the landscape.

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That is a beautiful scene! I have a feeling that I may have plenty of snow pictures to share with you this winter!

Really beautiful, Christmas can come.

No no no! I am not ready for winter yet!

Mother nature does what she wants...

No kidding! It seems we have more snow on the way!

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Your photos are so beautiful !

Glad it wasn't here though.... ha ha.....

Thanks, Jacey! They are saying there is more snow on the way.

Snow in October? That's early. I hope it means you will get an early Spring next year. Or does it not work that way. Beautiful shots, by the way. 😊

Who knows how it is going to work in the spring! Certainly not the weather forecasters! They are saying there is more snow on the way.

We shall see then. 😊

Great snow pics!
I wonder what caused the early snowfall this year, in your area. Just an outlier? Or is it part of the much-hyped "global climate change" issue? Either way, the petals and snow look interesting together. Reminds me of snowdrops, usually the first blooms to appear here, tiny white bells that appear in late January.

Thanks! They say more snow is on the way!

I hate snow.. but it does make great pics

I've been working on learning to appreciate snow my entire life. It hasn't happened yet.

That is early. Poor flowers. The photos are nice but I hope no snow here. 💕

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Wow what a wonderful photography i am impressed your post thank you for shere. 😍

Thanks so much! I'm happy you liked it.

You must have been freezing if you went out in your pj, I hope you threw on something warm as well!!! It's not even November, I dread what it will be like in deep winter...

Thanks for sharing the first snow with us Melinda.

I was barefoot, too, but sitting on my scooter keeps my feet dry! I didn't stay out very long. The forecast says there is more snow on the way. It is much too early for winter to begin.

As much as I love snow, even I have to admit this is a bit too soon!❄

Your pictures are delightful and I especially enjoy your macrophotography! Glad you ventured outdoors to capture the images before it melted away!

Snow is in the forecast for us Thursday night (Halloween) @melinda010100

No way! It is one thing for Wisconsin to get early snow, but very unusual for you this time of year I would think! We have more on the way, too. At one point they were saying 3-6inches. I'm afraid to go look at what they are saying this morning!

Yes, it is early in the season but not unheard of for us the get a dusting of snow. Oftentimes we get all the "leftovers" from snowstorms in other states, mostly Colorado/Kansas.

And if there is more than an 1/10" of snow accumulation today, we break the old record!📏❄
I like breaking records -- just not vinyl records! 😎

Happy Halloween, Melinda!🎃👻

Global warming is followed by global cold.
Mother Earth is sick. 😒

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What beautiful photos, it's really something to wake up to, pretty. Hope you at least put on your boots before running outside. hehehe.
Have a fun day😁

Thanks! Actually, I was barefoot and sitting on my mobility scooter, so my feet were dry. I didn't stay out long!

I don't want to sound nosey and I won't feel bad if you don't want to say, but why do you use a scooter? I mean, I use my quad to buzz around the property, but I am still a big walker. What's up?

Oh, no worries. Mostly I try to ignore it and stay positive, but I have MS and I'm no longer able to walk. Since I live alone, the scooter keeps me safe and helps prevent falls.

Oh my friend, I did not realize that. You are amazing. You are always so cheerful and positive. You are one tough cookie...God bless you.

It's the only way to be, right? Anytime I get feeling sorry for myself all I have to do is look around and I see someone whose struggles are much greater than my own. Counting my blessings gets me through each day.

Beautiful pictures!! But the early snow is freaky! It snowed pretty good in Arizona as well. Crazy!!

Noooooooo!!! It's too early! I'm surprised you had accumulation down there, even if it didn't stick around. We had our first snowfall a couple weeks ago in this part of MN but, even though it snowed for about a day and a half straight, it didn't stick.

The photos make it look pretty, though, especially with the still-green leaves and flower petals beneath.


Thanks! 1-2 inches tonight and 1-2 tomorrow night! I'm not liking this at all.

Yuck! We're supposed to get some tomorrow, but no word on accumulation yet. Here's hoping for 0-0 inches!

We ended up getting about 6 inches. Is it spring yet?

No way!!! Although these are beautiful photos Melinda, it is scary otherwise. Besides, our weather forecast is predicting snow flurries next week!!!

Yuhh in Moscow region today also fell the first snow!

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Oh! This could be horrible winter for all of us!

Very beautiful pics Melinda! ❤️

I used to hate winter with every fibre of my being. This started early on for me somewhere between having fun on a sled and riding motorcycles as long as there were no icy roads. In the last few years though things have changed for me. I started loving winter again and snow especially. So the first snow of a beginning winter season is special to me!

Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots!


The older I get the less I hate it, especially since I am retired and may now just enjoy it through the window! The dark gloomy days of winter do get to me though.

The first snow is always soooo pretty and your photos are no exception! Loved the one with the pink hydrangea.

We had a light snow on October 28th a couple years back, but the worst one was on October 30th. Check the depth on the picnic table under the tree....

After the storm4 Oct. 2011.jpg

Oh what a beautiful photo! That is a lot of snow. HolyMoly! I hope that is not what we wake up to in the morning. It is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow night, too.

That does sound early for snow but wow! Is there anything more beautiful than that first snowfall? Lovely photos, enjoy the snow!

Oh no, it is too early for the winter.
I would do the same if I see the snow early in the morning. Wonderful shots with such contrast betewwn the white of the snow and the green leaves, or the red flowers. Autumn colours mixed with winter colours, simply fantastic.

Seriously you were not kidding you have seriously been rip off by summer i am glad i am living in a tropical the snow it does look beautiful though 🤣

Oh i will keep sending you summer photos to keep you warm...hehe 🤣 😎 🌞

I'm trying to find something about it to appreciate! Are you getting excited about Steemfest?

Only that it's beautiful to photograph what are you still doing up isn't it 1.30 am over there ??

Funny to say but i am not even excited or worrying about Steemfest don't know why ??

Early dusting of snow, what a lovely surprise to wake up to Melinda. Each photo a good capture of fresh white crystals on pink flowers super eye-catching.

Now perhaps autumn is moving quickly with start of winter, seasons are changing in every corner of the world, thanks for sneaking out in your pajamas before the flakes got burnt up by the sun.

Howdy Melinda! Wonderful photos, beautiful even..but scary. lol. You don't need that stuff so soon! Wow. Well I guess that's the same Artic air system that gave us our record breaking cold weather.

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