Just Random Clicks From Greece

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These photos were all taken in September of 2019 B.C. (Before Corona)

A breathtaking sunset welcomed us anticipating a lovely staying in the beautiful Greek land.

Later that day we were seating at a restaurant waiting for our dinner when the moon appeared just a few hours after the sun went to sleep.

One of the many things Greece is known for is their olives, the olive trees are all over the place, it reminded me of the southern lands of Spain 🇪🇸

I also found out that Greece has great naturally grown pomegranates. I couldn’t help no to grab a couple to eat them right there and then 😜

However, lunch was even better.
The amazing view from a random restaurant we chose, the service, and the food made of that place an unforgettable experience

We had to walk down the cliff which was very challenging for a four year old and our full stomachs but every one of our efforts was worth it when we finally arrived to this...

The water was warm and the sea was so calm that we didn’t have to worry about our little daughter being in the water.

A calm sea can calm the deepest areas of the soul 😊

Live Plentifully My Friends


I did not seen you in the hive platform.
Did not use hive?

Not yet my friend, I haven’t been able to sign in, it keeps slipping my mind

♥♥♥So wanderful photo dear

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