This is a Bulgarian Manatarki (Queen) Mushroom. The Land Provides 😊

in #photography10 months ago

I collected this gigantic Portobello mushroom literally in the back of our building 😎

When the mushroom has a white and clean stem like this one, it means it’s young and healthy.

The top was a wild temptation 😄

It was BEGGING to be eaten 😆

The greenish bottom of the cap it’s a tricky part; if it’s soft it has to be removed, if it’s almost as hard as the top it means the mushroom is perfect... mine was PERFECT!

I fried with ghee, salt and pepper and it was AMAZING!!!

If you live near or by the mountains, enjoy your mushroom season 😊


A lot of collection of mushroom and cat is so cute..

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Helio my friend, keep enjoying life 😊

it must be my friend. life must be truly enjoyed. I haven't greeted you in a long time. It looks like you are fine at the moment.

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I wasn’t posting because I got very busy with my almost 5 year old but I’ll try 🙏

family is the main thing. are you a mother

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