Branches with pink Flowers

in #photography2 months ago

Branches with pink Flowers

These are some photographs of branches with pink flowers that grow near my country house. In the middle of summer, I already took several photos of these branches, and just recently I noticed that all the branches were renewed again and ready to open.

Several small pink flowers have already blossomed on many branches. Also, many of the buds were still closed and looked like small berries.

Also, on the branches, I noticed medium-sized white balls that most likely form after the pink flowers die off. I think new seeds are formed in these white balls, which can then be used to further plant these plants.

Camera Model:

  • Canon EOS 70D

Camera Lens:

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

Camera Settings:

  • Diaphragm f/2
  • Excerpt 1/800 s
  • ISO 100


  • Capture One


Photos were taken @milaoz

Spend more time with nature, because its moments are priceless

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