360 degree time-lapse

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I recently bought a Ricoh Theta V 360 degree camera, and this is the first time-lapse movie I made with it. It's just a test really, to see if I could get the process working, so the subject isn't that interesting, but it shows what can be done.

Once the video below is playing, you should be able to drag the video (Or tilt on mobile devices) to look all the way around, and even up to the sky and down to the ground.


I'm just curious, this might be a dumb question but did the camera do the trick of being able to scroll throughout the video or it was a simultaneous shot?

The camera has 2 fish-eye lenses, so it can see in every direction simultaneously.

Oh I just found the answer on one of your comment below, sorry my internet is pretty slow so it takes a lot of time for the entire page to load. Looking forward on more amazing videos.

I see so that's how it works and it is being recorded as video or photo? Sorry I'm new to this kind of stuff and I really just wonder because if it's a video then how can it be controlled by using the arrows unless it's actually multiple images, just wondering.

Wow that is simple yet beautiful i did tilt the video hehe

Thanks. And this was just a test! There will be better videos to come!

a very nice sharing, and I like it very much, I am grateful to you for sharing.

Thanks. Glad you like it!

Wow! Congratulation, So! We can see more amazing videos soon in VR 360'. Are you need to edit video after capturing ??

We can click mouse button and just move on any direction, so we can see everywhere on big screen too :)

Because it was a time-lapse, I ended up with hundreds of seperate photos. I used a video editor to put these all together into the final video.

You know that I was thinking that 360 VR camera is doing itself. That's mean making 360 videos is still hard. You have made great video! Which software are you using??

I dont know why but see that make me feel dizzy @movievertigo.

Its same like when i saw the scene on the movie when they roll camera 360 degres. 😵

Its more than superwide lens that just 235 degres?
I think the 360 degres lens will awesome for shoot the skies pictures

Yes, it's wider than 235 degrees. It's a complete 360. i.e. All the way around :)

Oo i see..so thats only your first tried right, will wait for your next amazing work .. 😉

This is so cool. Where was this taken?