Irthlingborough and surrounding area, Northamptonshire

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Phantom 3 Professional, 2160p, 30FPS

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Looks like fascinating and great song choice! You are doing fine, keep going :)

Thanks! Glad you like it.

This is really amazing video, it is very nice to follow you, the resolution is great, these videos make me happy.I appreciate you for sharing.

This one was filmed in 4K. Did the hi-res version stream okay from DTube for you? I wasn't sure if the bitrate was too high.

It's great, it's great. :))

Thanks for this amazing video and the song! just followed and waiting for the next posts :)

Thank you for your support! :)

This is wonderful!
I just resteemed it, btw at 0:40 you recorded amazing sunset, ty :)

Thank you! I really love flying my drone :D

lOvely music and what a amazing place in video, I enjoying to listening your music
Followed you for mOre your precious pOst Like this :)

Thanks, but only the visuals of the video are my work. The music is a royalty free piece taken from

Alright I'll be check now :)

I love to see the windmills and also when you are going besides the blue water and taking its aerial view in speed that is really nice and hard work to control it. Night view is also great. Thanks for sharing it.

Luckily the drone has some really bright flashing lights on it for flying in the dark! :)

I also used drone one time and i remembered there is cautions "Do not use in dark". Is it drop its signal when you fly it in dark??

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Great video and i like the chosen song. Followed for new sharings

ur doing a great job for entertinment of this steemit family nice songs thanxs for sharing great jo keep it up!